Thomas Kriebernegg, CEO at App Radar Talks App Store Optimization

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Posted: May 12, 2016

Thomas Kriebernegg can look back on over 10 years of experience in Online Marketing and 4 years of experience in App Marketing. End of 2015 he teamed up with Christian Janesch and founded his second company appers gmbh. They are developing an app marketing software solution called App Radar.
Thomas Kriebernegg

What is App Radar and what do you offer?

The App Radar Keyword Tracker sends you daily information about your App Store rankings based on the keywords you used for your app. It helps app developers understand if their app can be found within the App Stores or not. App Radar Keyword Tracker sends you daily notifications via Slack and/or email that give you an overview of your app’s keyword rankings compared to the previous day.

What types of developers do you work with?

The Keyword Tracker supports the Apple App Store and Google Play. This means, that our customers are developing iOS apps and also Android apps. Not only that, we are fully focusing on an international market and are NOT only delivering value for US customers. Due to the localization of our software, we are currently also supporting developers from the UK, Germany, France and Austria. But there are also additional countries that will be added shortly.

App Radar – the App Store keywords rankings tracking service


What tips can you give to developers on how to do ASO successfully?

The most important thing is to understand, that ASO really enhances the possibilities of a successful app marketing strategy. Users looking for an app like yours and finding your app, can REALLY be the best users. Because their intention to download the app was not an ad driven, it was a problem driven and if you manage to fix this problem, they will stay loyal to your app. The first important step during the ASO process, is finding out if your potential users find your app. Therefore we developed the App Radar Keyword Tracker. Signup with your app and type in some keywords you associate with your app. To optimize your rankings check out our 100% free ASO guide.

What do you think are the most important trends in app marketing right now?

In my opinion, there is currently a shift in the mindset of app developers. App marketing in the beginning was just a nice to have discipline, something the trainee should do during his lunch break. But nowadays developing an outstanding app won’t make it successful. Only if you also create and live an outstanding app marketing strategy will set you apart from the competition. Finding out which channels work, and which don’t and optimize the user acquisition is something we do a lot for our customers on a consulting basis.

What mobile devices do you use?

I own 2 iPhones (6s for daily business and a 4s for testing tasks) and also a OnePlus Two for testing tasks.

What are your favourite apps?

This really depends on the usecase 🙂 There are really a lot of apps I use on a daily basis. To name some of them: Slack, Facebook Messenger, Google Maps, iTranslate, Evernote, iTunes Connect App, Twitter, Dropbox,… and of course a lot of different games 🙂

What do you think about the Apple Watch? and would you buy an Apple car?

I am sure that wearables will have a big future as soon as the battery problem is fixed. Right at the moment the load it (nearly) every day problem is a too big convenience stopper for me. Even though that there are rumors that the Apple car will be produced in my hometown at a former employer of mine, I am more a Tesla fanboy. But hey, future will tell 🙂

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