Thinknear partners with Mopub to offer location-based native mobile ads

Location-based marketing company Thinknear has partnered with Twitter’s MoPub to bring native advertising to its platform, ensuring it keeps up with the latest mobile advertising trend.
Thinknear’s clients will get access to programmatic native ad units delivered by Mopub, which already has a sizable number of demand partners in its stable, including Fiksu, Jampp, Leadbolt, Apsalar, Appnexus and many others.
Lucas Dickey, VP of product at Thinknear, said:

“Our partnership with Mopub allows us to deliver a great product for marketers. We are able to leverage our location-based audience targeting capabilities and Mopub’s native ad units to deliver a better experience for marketers and mobile users.”

Thinknear’s native ads will become part of its marketing platform, and marketers can add them to existing campaigns. Thinknear’s location targeting tools, which can be linked in with the ads, have the potential to further bolster the performance jumps that many have reported with native formats over regular banner ads.
Loren Hillberg, Thinknear’s president, added:

“Native advertising is increasingly more important to the digital ad ecosystem, as native ads see much greater engagement. This partnership enables us to connect an emerging ad format with the proven benefits of location targeting that we have been consistently delivering to our clients for years.”

You can learn more about Thinknear by visiting its company profile here, and you’ll find Mopub’s company profile here.