The Weather Company launches animated branded background adverts for its mobile app advertisers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 22, 2016

The Weather Company has just rolled out a new advertising feature which lets marketers showcase their brands in a more unique way. The animated branded background ad solution for The Weather Channel app showcases products through the lens of weather.
Disney advertises on The Weather Channel app using new animated branded backgrounds
These are more novel and high-impact animated ads that can elevate native advertising to another level by incorporating branded content seamlessly into the weather experience. The Weather Channel app has almost 15m daily US users.
The company confirms that full-screen animated branded backgrounds will be available on the current forecast screen within mobile apps to deliver ads at the right time and place and capture consumer attention.
In addition, ads can be configured alongside current weather conditions at a user location and branded backgrounds can be matched accordingly. So for example, if it’s cloudy where you’re at right now, the new ad feature can add an animation that brings life to the weather condition.
Walt Disney Animation Studios have signed up to become the first marketer to test the new tool for their new movie Moana.
The lead characters from the film will be displayed across current forecasting screens and encourage users to get tickets for the show.