The User Acquisition Playground, What To Look Out For

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Posted: March 31, 2016

Ami Solow come with 9+ years of mobile experience, and has been part of the Somoto family for more than 4 years. He currently heads up and oversees all aspects of the Tabatoo Mobile Division.

As mobile continues its dominance in 2016, we are seeing an ever growing increase the risk of fraud. High-quality users have a price tag that often reaches $5 $10, or $20 per user. This creates fruitful ground for scammers who look to take advantage of any company hoping to rank on the Google Play store or the App Store. Imagine wasting your budget on bots and installs generated by shops of cheap overseas labor to inflate your numbers artificially. To successfully execute your strategic road map you need reliable & honest statistics, but unreliable conversion rates will clog your current stance on the marketplace and lead you towards disastrous decisions for your business.
Play smart on the user acquisition playground

So then, how can you steer your business away from the ever growing list of fraudulent pitfalls in the mobile market? You need to be well informed and on user acquisition fraud and the many disguises it wears. If you feel you are not there, follow the metaphor crawl, walk, run test small amounts in varied areas to gain knowledge. You need to know which campaigns and publishers to trust and which ones to avoid at all costs. Lastly, you need to know how to spot user acquisition fraud and how to respond to it (hint: your response needs to be quick).
Cost-per-install by placing digital ads across various media outlets is the standard marketing method in the distribution chain. Sure, CPI marketing campaigns are safe because you’ll know how much it will cost to ensure it’s on budget, however, the users value range tremendously and you will pay anywhere from $1 to $10 for similar quality users which can lead to low returns. When working with a CPI network make sure their ability to target high quality users is top notch, this will be key for you to thrive in the digital marketplace.
Understanding your target audience is essential not only for your user acquisition, but to the success in general. When targeting your audience you want to get as granular as possible to segment the targeted audiences.  Here is a checklist you can ask yourself when developing your strategy

  • Age: It’s very possible your app may have multiple age-groups associated with it. If so, narrow in on the different scenarios or popular features for each to ensure you’re appealing to them in the right way.
  • Geographic Location: Are you targeting city goers, suburbanites or does it matter? Keep in mind that a young working professional from NYC is going to have a very different day-to-day than someone upstate in the country. Also, you might have different marketing strategies or offers for different locations based on your business plan.
  • User behavior: what does your target audience’s day look like? Are they university students or professionals? Do they have a car or rely on public transportation? Are they into sports or are they art enthusiasts?
  • Interests: How does your target audience like to spend their free time? Movies? Working? Restaurants? Sporting events?
  • How the offer benefits them: What is the added value to their lives? Does it help them complete a task? Keep them entertained? Keep them organized? Make sure you understand exactly how the offer adds value to your target audience’s life.

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