The power of mobile data – adsquare updates private marketplace for private deals and adds more partners

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising Blog. September 8, 2016

Mobile data exchange, adsquare, just launched a new private marketplace update to offer private deals to its platform. In addition, the firm has added new data providers to its portfolio in response to high demand for more granular audience data.
adsquare launches new private marketplace
Indeed, ad relevance and targeting are becoming ever more important features for mobile marketers to reach their audiences. The new platform lets data providers check out who uses their data and for which campaigns. Such transparency is a first step in enticing first-party data owners to make their data assets available for programmatic advertising, adsquare says.
Tom Laband, CEO and Co-founder, adsquare, says:
tom laband

“Making mobile data accessible through a private marketplace is a crucial step forward for our industry. With this extension, we address the concerns of data owners regarding data leakage and ownership. Building a secure infrastructure is the foundation for making more data available, which leads to more relevant advertising.”

The feature is available as part of the Audience Management Platform, where data owners onboard their data, segment and then offer it via the marketplace. Adsquare comes integrated with large DSPs such as Google’s DBM, TheTradeDesk and AppNexus, which means that data can be distributed to advertisers and agencies.
Fritz Richter, CTO and Co-founder at adsquare, adds:
fritz richter

“Our deep pre-bid integrations with leading DSPs enable us to enrich the bid-stream in real-time. This sophisticated integration is needed to enable location targeting and moment marketing, and it is also a benefit in terms of data security. Data providers’ segments never leave our platform in bulk; data is just used for real-time enrichment.”

In line with the launch, the company’s current data portfolio will be extended to include new publishers, app developers and data owners. Onefootball, the soccer app which has over 22m users is one of them. As part of the adsquare integration, Onefootball can offer advertisers a specialized audience that is enthusiastic about soccer.
Adsquare will launch the new marketplace at dmexco 2016 in September in Germany.