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Posted: November 27, 2015

Mobidea is a Programmatic Affiliate network for Media Buyers and Webmasters. Don’t waste money testing campaigns, advertise only top campaigns that were carefully benchmarked with millions of visits daily! If you have no time to be on top of every offer let our Smart Link® auto-optimize your traffic.
We all know that in the mobile world all networks present themselves as being able to monetize 100% of the traffic they receive and as being top players in the market. Many promise to deliver only the best possible offers, some are even super mega exclusive, ensure high quality users, and that no user goes to waste and never, but never, do they display the dreadful “error/blank page”.
The 100% monetization myth
Any down to earth and experienced marketer knows that this is not always the case. Despite the fact that all networks work to improve their offer portfolio and to make sure all the segments are correctly covered, there is always a situation happening that escapes the control and paves the way to traffic being lost. Whether it is a campaign that reaches it’s capping/budget and the affiliates continue to send traffic, whether it is an affiliate that is driving traffic from a non-supported geo, whether it’s Wi-Fi traffic being sent to 3G offers because someone forgot to change the campaign details.
Usually, networks are simply not concerned with this situation, because many do not know the potential of this remnant traffic and the amount of revenue they are throwing away.
What can you do?
So you work in a network and you face these situations on a daily basis. What can you do? You can put in place a safe rule – a fallback – that will redirect the traffic of any campaign to a Mobidea Smart Link®. You can set this redirection with any rule you want and with this, ensure that even in campaigns where you are not able to monetize the user, you will still earn money! What we do at Mobidea is to make sure we have offers available to any segment that you send us and display each user with an offer, no “error/blank page”! The ones successfully acquired we share 80% of the commission with you! “Turn your waste into profit”
How to proceed?
You signup on Mobidea’s website or you can contact your Mobidea Affiliate Manager to set up an affiliate account and provide you with the Smart Links. Once you have them, you need to understand if this fallback option is available in your company: if it’s available, simply place our Smart Link in the rotation (or ask us for eCPMs and give us a test only in the segments where we have better performance). If it is not available, push for this solution with your Manager/Technical team as you are missing out in thousands of dollars in monthly revenue!
Why us?
Mobidea is a key player in the mobile industry for several years now, working with top partners for CPA and CPI campaigns. Our Advertisers’ team is constantly looking for the next big offer across the globe and our Publishers’ team is always pushing their proven feedback on each offer performance. The mobile scene has been growing and so have our portfolio, coverage and performance!
Examples of cases where you can drive your traffic to Mobidea: When a campaign reaches the CAP or BUDGET:

  • When you get users from not supported OS, CARRIERS or DEVICES;
  • When users come from WI-FI and offers are 3G only (and vice versa);
  • When users come from a non supported COUNTRY.
  • And other many cases when you are not able to monetize some of your users.

If you still have doubts, test us without any risk using our brand new Performance Fallback.
You can visit the Mobidea website here.