The Future of Live Video Streaming App Development

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Posted: July 25, 2018

We are in 2018 and mobile apps have fully taken over the technology market. Virtually every business needs to have one. So, this brings to notice the significance of real-time content that tends to drive a lot of conversion on social media. It is basically real-time data, real-time live-streaming videos and real-time responses.

In fact, in the past few years, there was a noticeable rise in the popularity of video editing app and music streaming apps, which also took up this challenge by introducing live video streaming app option for everyone.

Do you know people usually lose concentration after 8 seconds, and this puts us on a lower level than… say goldfish? Yes, just 8 secs. This is all we get to grab the attention, on average. In fact, attention is certainly the new currency in the arena of business. It is among the most-scarce resources which are craved even more than the money itself. Shares, comments, likes, these are all forms of social media attention. So, how do you get them? We can say that a live video streaming app is the answer.

If your business needs something the most at the moment, it could be live-video-streaming mobile app. 

What importance does live video streaming holds for business?

Well, this fact might entice you that 51.9% of marketing professionals all across the world named video as the type of content with best ROI. Also, in 74% of Internet traffic watched videos in 2017, avers Invodo Video Stats Report. Today, mobile videos account for 50% of mobile data usage. Also the number of mentions that appeared in the last 30 days with #livestreaming hashtag was more than 3300.

US Smartphone video viewers number in millions, 2014-2020

Source: Statista

Pretty clearly, video has become highly important component of brands inbound marketing & live streaming will be taking your video marketing to an entirely new level. Additionally, owing to its cost-effective production, real-time video streaming is quite available, though not limited to, the small-scale businesses as well. It has all the attributes to boost your brand-engagement in a lot mush faster way. 

Meanwhile, as integration & smooth operation is the key in professional arena & marketplace, it is advised to choose API-based live video streaming platform. Reason: Video APIs enable wide-ranging functionalities & total-customization. In fact, today APIs are widely-recognized across various industries, like Forbes called 2017 “the year of API economy”. As per experts, this growth in video API usage is very much evident in 2018 too.

How APIs are helpful?

There are quite a few advantages of APIs (Application Programming Interface) usage, with most significant being, it eases development, and this occurs through abstraction. Simply put, APIs enable you to easily & simply interface with complicated products & services. 

In the arena of video when APIs are used in unification with a live video stream platform, it provides access to platform’s functionality. It consists of features such as creating a new live-stream, labelling, embedding the same on website, retrieve analytics, change payment & security options, and a lot more. These are all considered basic-features.

However, with a video API, these features can be accessed programmatically. With this capability, you can build customized portals, platforms & service with live video-streaming platform you select. For instance, if you’re already having an online portal for video content, your programmers can then natively integrate streaming video. You might also integrate live-streaming with present employee dashboards for ease-of-use with the SSO (Single Sign-On). You may also create mobile/web apps, or even add other services besides live streaming. 

In simple words, API enables you to minimize expense & time while creating new products and systems via your live video-streaming platform.

Essential features of a Live Video Streaming App

Here are the crucial features which must be present in a Live Video Streaming App:


The users must be offered a number of registration options, like they can register from the app credentials or maybe they can use mobile number or their email & password. Users can also login via Social media accounts, like Facebook & Twitter. Also, don’t forget providing ‘forgot password’ recovery functionality by a mobile message or email.

Personal Profile

Decide what all user information can be learned about users from their personal profile. Initially, just a little info is sufficient. For instance: User name, user’s picture, full name, subscribers & subscriptions. Later, a variety of other options can be added, like main date of birth, interests, locations, etc.

Video Streaming

In first version of video streaming app, only the functionality of online streaming can be implemented sans the option to watch further. Here, the server function is converting your broadcast and transmitting it to stream of viewers. And that’s it, as the video won’t be stored on server.

Further for project development, try implementing the function to watch broadcasts post it is finished. For this, larger storage is required. To make it convenient, cloud servers can also be used, as when taken into consideration the subsequent scaling, you need to have more users, and larger server.

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This kind of app will be more prominent as then users will be having the opportunity to not miss out on interesting things & stay connected.

Import Contacts

To make the search for friends easy, ‘import contacts’ feature can be added to video streaming app. Here the contacts are directly imported from social media or phonebook. 


In the future versions, it’ll be required to enhance the user & broadcasts search tool. For this, you not just require enhancing the process but also implement various search filters, for instance:

  • by number of watching
  • by popularity
  • by language of broadcasts
  • by broadcasts topic
  • by interest
  • by location 
  • by age

Filters help users in finding what they are interested in, and thus they’ll stay longer with the app.


Implementing notifications will be a useful upgrade. Users receive push-messages on his mobile whenever an interesting video streams, so as a broadcaster decides to begin video streaming from the phone, his subscribers will be invited to join. That is even when they are not on the app at that moment. 


Limelight is not always welcomed and often you desire sharing your emotions and impressions with close pals only, thus it will be useful to integrate privacy feature. Allow your users the option to pick whom they will be broadcasting for and you’ll be surprised with the number of positive feedbacks. Also, a variety of privacy settings can be providing to attain idea results.


Integrating geolocation is a major upgrade for a video streaming app. It will help in finding broadcasts by their location.


Everyone knows the significance of app design. How convenient is the use of app usually defines it impression among users. It must be constantly enhanced in response to user feedback. Meanwhile, there is no formula for perfect design, but you must create a synergy of two main elements: your personality & most popular trends. It is no fail.

Quality choice

To further develop the app, you need implementing the choice of video quality feature. This way, there was ability to watch video not just in the base, or highest quality but in lower as well. Thus, you can attract app users with low-quality or speed of internet connectivity. This expands target audience of app. 


In first version, the functionality to allow comments on the video is added. There can be two major functions of commenting:

  • For audience – to ask questions & get answers
  • For broadcaster – get feedback due to opinions 

At next level, add ability to like and then, likes counter. There can be different ways to implement it. 

Likes can be to translations and also to user page in general. As per that there will be different counters. In the profile, the info regarding total count of likes for all broadcast can be displayed, or the count of likes to only a page. 

Then, numerous metrics are again attractive and boost apps popularity.

So, these were the list of crucial features and keep in mind that few of these feature will be impossible to implement without the others.

Tools required for Live Video Streaming

Creation of Live Video Streaming App requires a lot of time, resources & tools. Here we have mentioned the important tools that come useful in the making of such an app:


RESTful Live Streaming API from DaCast comes useful to develop and delete streams in real-time mode and receive important information. It’s created mainly for quick & easy integration of all the DaCast platform features into the wide list of mobile apps & services.

Facebook Live API

With Facebook Live Video tools developers can integrate Live Streaming into present Live Streaming settings. These way users, who are having more advanced equipments, will have the opportunity to set streaming from professional camera, instead of a mobile device. Live API supports other features like special effects, on-screen graphics, instant playback and camera switching as well. With the use of API, users can stream screencasts/games.


Here, the APIs are divided in a few categories: 

Brightcove CMS API: It allows developers to create video objects & get video information integrating their service.

Brightcove Videocloud Media API allows interacting with media, cloud & video features in REST protocol. Here, the developers can use API token to access content. Here, the guides comprise topics to add transcription from remote access, integrate cloud video & creating videos with remote resources.


This enable accessing Ustream database & permit streamers and end users to watch, show or share a video. Its Live Video Streaming API comes free for the developers who create apps for release, but contain Ustream ad during live streaming process. Here the paid package doesn’t comprise of ads and also opens access to the additional upstream analytic package.

What are the fields where Live Video Streaming App comes useful?

Retail: This arena enjoys huge number of mobile apps, thus owners must keep looking for new ways attract customers so to stay competitive. Going by the prominence of video streaming business, the retailer can cash on its prominence not just for marketing usage but to enhance sales as well, by enabling users to make purchases while streaming and

Real Estate: Live streaming can be used for real-estate display and thus users won’t require going anywhere else. They can get all queries related to neighbors, insurance, place of residence, taxes answered within the app itself. Marketing in real-estate arena hugely depends on the visual elements and the use of streaming with all visual details in real-time, can be greatly appealing. 

Logistics: As it comes to logistics, customers are often concerned regarding their cargo being timely delivered safe & sound. Live-video streaming solves this task as webcam can be installed in truck’s luggage space, so it will stream video to users’ smartphones. Additionally with geolocation feature, the users will be able to monitor where the cargo is and they can see if all is going well.

Healthcare: Live video streaming can be of great help for healthcare, like from patient support in real-time, to providing them with analysis results & other indicators and train interns or hold a conference with colleagues from various regions of the world. All the events can also be recorded and then sent to users. No wonder Healthcare industry comes in the list of most prominent live streaming trends.

FinTech: Be it stock trade, securities trade, or insurance services, Live Video streaming is helpful in building confidence and partnerships with users.  Additionally, any consultation related to financial issues can be discussed directly through Live Video streaming.

What comes next?

Well, as we conclude, there are two options for you: either you can choose wandering through internet to come upon solutions and build your app using them. Or maybe you can simply contact the right people who really understand all this. At Octal IT Solution, we have huge experience in developing live video streaming apps, so that can benefit you immensely. You can reach them at the following email.