The fight against ad fraud is on! AppThis partners with Forensiq

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. December 11, 2015

Mobile ad platform, AppThis, just announced that it has partnered with anti-fraud technology company Forensiq to help fight fraudulent ad inventory. The collaboration means that AppThis’ mobile platform now comes integrated with Forensiq’s fraud detection technology to help marketers detect and block fraud.
Forensiq provides fraud detection technologies
Malvertising is a big problem among digital advertisers and costs advertisers $8.2bn a year, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Since mobile advertising is one of the fastest growing sectors, it also faces the rising threat of fraud.
Forensiq uses real-time intelligence to filter and report on traffic, adding value and quality to AppThis impressions. Additionally, using Forensiq’s Prebid API allows AppThis clients to block fraudulent behaviour based on a fraud score response in real-time.
Jim Mansfield, Co-Founder and CEO, AppThis, says:
jim mansfield

“From the outset of our platform AppThis has made it the single biggest priority to drive the highest quality clicks for our developers and demand partners. AppThis strives to set the bar globally as not only the leader in App discovery and user acquisition but equally in preventing fraudulent and low value installs. With today’s announcement of our partnership with Forensiq we are confident in maintaining and growing our leadership.”