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Partner Post - Mobidea Technology that sets you free

Posted: August 28, 2017

Mobidea is a leading mobile affiliate network that keeps on innovating every single year.
That’s why the network was given the amazing award of being regarded as one of the world’s TOP 20 CPA Networks in 2017.
Now, Mobidea is up for the award once again, ready to earn the distinction two years in a row.
The Blue Book is a remarkably prestigious annual ranking of the TOP 20 cost-per-acquisition and cost-per-sale networks from all over the world.
This honor is informed by an industry-wide survey which lasts for four months, the input from a Blue Ribbon Panel of industry experts, and other important data.
Networks which consistently innovate and bring new life into the affiliate landscape tend to be honored for their entrepreneurial spirit and for the ideal of providing an amazing service to all affiliate marketers.
Mobidea has proven to be a leader in the market, especially after releasing incredible new tracker capabilities, having become able to provide more analytical data than any other affiliate network in the world.
This passion for technology and for giving affiliates more tools for them to develop their skills and achieve effective financial independence is what sets Mobidea apart.
If you want to vote for Mobidea to be part of the TOP 20 CPA Networks, you just need to complete a quick survey.
Select Mobidea as your favorite CPA Network on question #2 and #4.
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