Test mobile offer links for free with Tracey by myAppFree

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Posted: March 29, 2018

MyAppFree, mobile advertising high-performance network, estimated that over 60% of offer links is broken or dead. This is a serious problem for every digital company that works with mobile offers like CPC, CPI or CPA campaigns.

If an ad network does not check its offers, it could let its best publishers push their traffic on dead or expired offer links” says Massimo Caroli, CTO at myAppFree.

This possibility can determine a huge loss of traffic and money every time it happens.
Moreover, it is common in mobile advertising it is common to work with offers that are not direct, but rebrokered by other companies. Digging inside a link can reveal how many redirects it does before landing on the target page and, therefore, how many ad networks are rebrokering the corresponding the offer.

One one hand, a link with many jumps is not reliable as if the chain is long, chances are higher that it will break at some point. On the other hand, shortening the chain leads to higher revenues: working directly with the very first rings of the chain mean higher margins on each offer.

To avoid all this money loss, myAppFree made a tool available for free for everyone: Tracey” announced today Riccardo Fuzzi, CEO at myAppFree.

Tracey is a Skype bot that lets marketer test their links worldwide in few seconds. All you need to do is to send Tracey links to test, specifying the platform (Android, iOS) and the destination country: in return, it will tell if the offer works and reveal every redirect.

Tracey is very different to other similar solutions and it features the latest technologies in worldwide link tracking. Moreover, it is free to use and it does not require login because it is Skype integrated with smart and easy sharing options.
The Italian company stated that will add new features to Tracey very soon, expanding its capabilities thanks to machine learning and AI. “It’s meant to be the ultimate smart assistant for advertisers and ad networks” adds Riccardo Fuzzi.
Unlimited access will be given to anyone who will add Tracey to its Skype account during the launch period.
Learn more about Tracey at https://testmylink.com or add it directly to Skype through the button below.