Tesco Mobile partners with Unlockd to offer incentivised mobile advertising plan

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. June 9, 2016

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Tesco Mobile has partnered with Unlockd to launch Tesco Xtras which aims to save smartphone users £3 on their monthly phone bills by viewing adverts and offers.
Tesco Mobile rolls out Tesco Xtrasty
Source: tescomobile.com
Tesco Mobile Xtras is powered by Unlockd, an ad and content funded platform that provides a solution for telecommunications firms and the ad industry to connect to consumers in a more rewarding way. The app lets Android users on Tesco Mobile save £3 a month in exchange for viewing branded content and adverts.
It’s a win-win for both parties. Customers will be viewing geo-targeted ads when they unlock their screens from time to time.
Publisher News UK is providing the ad inventory for Unlockd in the UK exclusively.
David Dinsmore, Chief Operating Officer, News UK, says:
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“This is an exciting partnership and gives us a new way to reach readers. It is also an opportunity for our advertising clients to reach consumers using Unlockd’s innovative platform.”

Tesco Xtras will be available immediately to existing and new pay monthly Tesco Mobile customers on Android devices. To cover the cost of any advertising data, Tesco Mobile has also thrown in an extra 200MB of data per month and confirmed that the app would only work when users are logged into a WiFi network.
Anthony Vollmer, CEO, Tesco Mobile, adds:
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“Tesco Mobile Xtras, powered by Unlockd’s unique platform, provides our customers with even more choice and value. The opportunity for our customers to save money on their phone bill in exchange for learning about products and services relevant to them is a first in the UK market and we’re excited to exclusively offer this value to our customers.”

The news come at a time when advertisers are struggling to combat ad blockers. A new PageFair report found that 419m people were now blocking adverts on their smartphones, signifying a global jump of 90%. Giving customers a real incentive to view adverts may help to establish some trust again between brand and consumer. However, targeting audiences carefully will still be important in order to avoid ads being wasted.
Matt Berriman, CEO and Co-Founder, Unlockd, says:
matt berriman

“Our UK launch exclusively with Tesco Mobile continues to realize our vision to forever change the way consumers pay for and use their mobile phones. To be the driver for collaboration and benefit for some of the world’s biggest media companies, a market leading mobile carrier, as well as the end consumer, is a huge coup. It is a move that will address existing challenges faced by our partners’ businesses and positively transform both the mobile advertising landscape and Telco industry.”

Unlockd just recently closed a $11.2m Series A round including PLC Ventures (Lead by Jeff Emmanuel), Peter Gammell (Non-Exec Seven West Media), Matt Rockman (Seek Co-Founder) and Sam Mostyn (Board member of Virgin Australia and Citibank).