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Partner Post - TerraLeads the world's first CPA Hub

Posted: November 9, 2017

TerraLeads is the first ever CPA hub producing high-quality products on their own and providing full support to their affiliate partners who join their community. TerraLeads is complete in all aspects. They basically allow you to earn great profits as well as rewards on the Internet. TerraLeads are composed of 3 different components namely the merchant, the network and the publisher. Each of the component plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the CPA Hub. This Hub provides you with a lot of features, which help you to scoop up your business more. Therefore, it has got all right to be called a completely innovative form of the affiliate business. TerraLeads includes its own tracking system along with the local call centers, which are known to employ workers who are the native speakers of all European languages.
TerraLeads is growing significantly and at a very high speed, and it can be found in the countries like Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, Romania, Portugal, etc. TerraLeads is growing at a very fast pace and is spreading all over the globe. Particularly, it is soon to expand to the Asian market. Let me get you acquainted with all the features that characterize Terraleads the most appropriate way.

Opportunities TerraLeads Provides

In a nutshell, the next section of the article describes all the features that Terraleads possesses. With the help of these features, you will gain more, as well as will be able to expand your business opportunities. So, let us have a look at all of them:

  • They have the policy of very high pay-outs, this is because of a very simple reason that there isn’t any intermediate party in-between the producer and the person partnering with TerraLeads. Hence, it results in TOP pay-outs.
  • They possess a very high conversion rate, higher than any other partners program of the kind. They basically leverage the cutting-edge UI/UX technologies and whitehat techniques. They run the A/B testing, as well as the constant metric analysis.
  • They possess very high approval rates incomparable to any CPA networks. They achieve such high approval rates thanks to the call centers located in each and every country with the native speakers on board.
  • TerraLeads landing pages are all ready to be used and have all successfully passed the moderation process both in AdWords and Facebook.
  • You get a possibility to withdraw your payments very quickly, as soon as they are deposited on your account.
  • Each one of their partners have their own account manager assigned who is available at any hour of the day to assist you with any kind of issues that might appear. This multilingual 24/7 support is probably one of the key TerraLeads features making them different from the rest of the CPA market players.
  • All of the products as well as the offers that are provided to the customers are tested clinically and are proven to meet all the health standards. And by this, it means that you get to promote the products that do not only cause any harm to their end customers, but bring the real benefit for their beauty, diet, health or adult issues.
  • They provide you with a possibility to order an individual product line that only you will be able to send traffic to.
  • They have introduced a “quick lead” system, which is characterized as follows: the user fills the form and then the call center calls him/her immediately (within 15 minutes). Following this, the order is approved from the user’s side and the affiliate gets paid instantly after the order confirmation. This quick lead system makes it very easy for the marketer to earn quickly.
  • It possesses a wide variety of the e-payment options including such systems as WebMoney, PayPal, Wire, Paxum, ePayments, and Capitalist.
  • They have a special bonus system available for their partners, called TerraStore. How does it work? With every confirmed order, you get a certain amount of t-coins (Terra-coins), which you can later exchange for valuable presents that you can choose yourself in the TerraStore.  The least you can get is a Power Bank, and the most valuable prizes are the BMW, Nissan LEAF, and Toyota. Some other very nice presents include Apple MacBook, LED TV, smartphones, smart watches, etc.

Since in launch in January 2017,  TerraLeads has managed to become a highly recommended affiliate program to work with for all the affiliate marketers. It helps the marketers grow and expand at a very high pace. The multiple key features described in the above section of this article make it the ideal affiliate program. The Hub has managed to astonish and impress all its users till date. The TerraLeads software is easy to use for all the users both newbies and professionals of the affiliate marketing. It even provides you with extra bonuses in the form of t-coins along with your earnings, which can be easily exchanged for valuable prizes.
It works exactly according to the competition that is soon going to be in the field of the affiliate marketing. It is expanding in most of the leading countries these days and is getting popular amongst them; soon we shall see it ruling over the globe.