Telerik launches open source cross platform app framework NativeScript


Bulgarian software tools firm Telerik recently announced the addition of its open source NativeScript project that helps to create native cross-platform apps using JavaScript. Resulting apps are to run on iOS, Windows and Android. The company describes NativeScript to be a native framework for building iOS, Android and Windows applications using JavaScript as the underlying language. This minimises the learning curve for new developers who already are familiar with JavaScript. It further supports APIs.

Telerik recently launched NativeScript 1.0

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Aaron Mahimainathan, Chief Product Officer, Telerik, says:


“Two years ago, we recognized a need with the JavaScript community and Telerik began working with developers to make the native app development experience better, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. NativeScript changes everything we know about native app development by providing a simple, easy and modern way to build cross-platform native mobile applications with JavaScript to deliver the best possible user experience provided by the native OS.”

The new solution is based on NativeScript Modules Layer that translates NativeScript to platform- specific code. Features such as navigation are auto-adapted to work seamlessly with all operating systems. This helps developers spend less efforts trying to learn new language for each OS. As a part of the Telerik AppBuilder, NativeScript offers developers premium, no-setup tooling for building NativeScript apps.

Ian Price, Head of Development, Sharesoft, a specialist software development firm, says:


“I believe the NativeScript framework is going to revolutionize the mobile application marketplace. Building mobile apps from a single code base enables developers to re-use features and functionality across platforms, which simplifies mobile app development and significantly increases productivity. I’m also impressed by how easily I’ve been able to develop native, cross-platform applications using familiar web development tools and skills.”

In addition, Telerik, a unit of Progress Software Corp., recently announced it is to open source its JustDecompile engine, a Microsoft .NET Framework assembly browsing and decompiling tool. It is also working with Google’s AngularJS open source web application framework.

Brad Green, Engineering Director at Google, comments:


“The goal of the AngularJS team has always been to simplify developers’ lives. Telerik shares our philosophy and is known for its UI/UX capabilities. When we learned about NativeScript, it only made sense for us to work together to deliver even more value to our community, at large.”

Adding to a string of releases, Telerik further announced its new Screen Builder, a non-developer coding tool, as well as a new Office 365 theme for Telerik Kendo UI HTML/JavaScript platforms. But NativeScript is not the only solution of its kind in the market. It competes with Adobe Systems’ PhoneGap, Appcelerator’s Titanium and Xamarin’s C#-based platform.