Telegram puts up $1m for the development of bots

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

April 25, 2016

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Messaging app Telegram has put up $1m in grants for the development of bots. Announced in a blog post, it’s revealed the bot development bounty will start at $25,000 for each accepted bot, and the only thing it wants in return is ongoing support and customer satisfaction.

It’s also open as to the type of bot developed for the platform, but does single out those that concentrate on AI, natural language, integrations, and tools for others to build bots. However, none of these are prerequisites, and the team are looking for innovative ideas too.

Telegram has put up a $1m to encourage the development of bots

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Porting an existing bot from another platform is acceptable, provided it’s redesigned to fit in with Telegram, particularly making use of the app’s interface system. It needs to be useful, work in Telegram’s inline mode, and be fast.

Telegram has put a number of guides, API details, an introduction, plus a support page here. The deadline is December 31 2016, but grants will be given out in batches before this. Visit Telegram’s official announcement here for more details.