Tappx mobile app cross-promotion community reaches 2000 developers in 115 countries

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Tappx says it’s now the world’s largest open, cross-promotion community for mobile app discovery, having gained more than 2000 developers across 115 countries since its formation in February 2014. The developer community has racked up 50 million downloads from Tappx during this time.
Tappx’s community is home to more than 2100 developers
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Based in Barcelona, Spain, the collaborative Tappx platform is completely open, and works through developers sharing and hosting each others ads. Tappx’s system ensures the exchange is fair, with the value of each click or impression being split down the middle. All Tappx’s tools are free to use, there’s no membership cost, and a dashboard helps track app promotion campaigns.
This is how Tappx’s app cross-promotion community works

There’s no restriction on which apps can feature, or which platform they’re built for either. Tappx welcomes anything from games to educational apps for Android, iOS, Firefox, Unity and others. However, Tappx itself is only compatible with iOS and Android for now.
Daniel Reina, Tappx’s CEO, said:
Daniel Reina

“The biggest problem that developers face is how to economically promote their apps and build their market – by cutting out the advertising middleman, Tappx delivers results without breaking the bank. By removing the app discovery price banner, we are making it easier for developers to focus their time and budget on creating great mobile content. In under a year, we have experienced exponential growth and reached over two million unique users, proof that cross-promotion and collaboration is an effective and efficient way to generate downloads.”

Tappx counts Softonic, Telefonica, and Danone among its high profile partners, while developers including Astute Games, Crema Games, From the Bench, and MyMobileSecurity are all members. Visit Tappx’s company profile for more information.