TapJoy’s new nGen platform boosting ARPU by 130%

TapJoy has announced the launch of a new mobile monetisation platform designed to help boost in-app purchases for mobile game developers.
The ‘nGen’ platform revolves around “contextually relevant” advertisements that can be timed to pop-up at certain events during the app experience, such as when a user runs out of in-game currency, or when a level has been completed.
TapJoy calls this an “events-based framework” that can delivers a range of ad formats, including video, rich media, interstitials, and simple messages, which are more closely integrated into the app than regular banner advertisements.  Judging from beta tests with PBA Bowling Challenge, TapJoy reckons the nGen platform can boost Average Revenue Per Daily User by as much as 130%.
See the video below for a light-hearted explanation of nGen’s features:

NGen also comes equipped with a flexible in-app messaging system that can do stuff like highlight special content promotions, currency sales, or trigger a specific message/offer when a user tries to access premium content.
In a statement, TapJoy CEO Steve Wadsworth said:

“Our mission is to drive significant value for our publishing partners, and the launch of the nGen Platform signifies a transformative moment for Tapjoy. By combining an intelligent events-based framework, powerful targeting capabilities and our suite of ad products, the nGen Platform makes in-app advertising a much more valuable tool for publishers who want to monetize more effectively and drive deeper app engagement.”

It’s good to see TapJoy moving further away from the incentivised ad model that somewhat tarnished its name and toward more eco-system-friendly monetisation methods. The freemium gaming market seems to be going from strength-to-strength, but revenues are still only generated from a small portion of an app’s user base. Perhaps this is a permanent feature of the business model, perhaps not. If more sophisticated platforms like nGen can convince even a fraction more users to open their digital wallets, then developers will be very happy indeed. For more info check out the TapJoy website.