Tapjoy targets freemium mobile app developers with new platform and Future Value Map

Tapjoy has launched the Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform, which is specifically aimed at freemium app developers. It includes a new feature called the Future Value Map, made to help developers make the most of out users already spending money in-app, and to help secure new paying users for the future.
Using dedicated algorithms and previously gathered data, the Future Value Map can be used to identify which monetization method would be most effective for particular users. For example, it may suggest in-app promotions, messaging, or straight up advertising to target users at exactly the right time.
Steve Wadsworth, CEO and president of Tapjoy, explained:

“Freemium app developers understand that the vast majority of their revenue comes from a very small percentage of users. Tapjoy’s Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform helps optimize the revenue from those proven spenders, while also uncovering more spenders and increasing engagement and ad-based monetization from the rest of their audience. With Tapjoy’s Future Value Map, developers can now predict the lifetime value of all of their users, and initiate personalized in-app experiences that maximize the engagement and revenue potential of every user.”

Using a single platform in a single SDK, developers can work with real-time in-app purchases and ad-monetization tools, see analytics, and automate marketing campaigns. This way, relevant messages, or ads containing rewards, can be sent to the right users, at the right time. In addition to targeting already paying users, Tapjoy wants to make it easy to engage with those who haven’t paid out before.
Tapjoy’s SDK is used in more than 270,000 apps around the world, and the company boasts 520 millon active users per month. To learn more about the company, visit Tapjoy’s profile here.