Tapjoy mobile advertising products drive significant lift in ad recall and ad awareness

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 28, 2016

Mobile advertising products from mobile games advertiser, Tapjoy, are significantly more effective at driving brand lift compared to mobile norms.
This bold claim comes as part of a new study released by the company, conducted by measurement firm comScore. It is based on a two-year examination of 14 campaigns from brands including Olive Garden, Dodge, LEGO, Sephora, Norwegian Cruise Line, am/pm, Citi, Huggies and others on the Tapjoy network.
Tapjoy announces success of mobile ad campaign effectiveness
Source: tapjoy.com
The research highlighted that impact across upper and lower-funnel ad objectives across Tapjoy’s rewarded mobile in-game adverts was higher than average, generating a 17 point lift in aided awareness and a 23 point lift in mobile ad recall across control groups.
Tapjoy’s opt-in, rewarded video ads which are natively integrated with mobile games were effective at impacting upper-level objectives such as brand awareness, ad recall and message association.
In addition, the study found that the firm’s video ads outperformed mobile norms for aided awareness, ad recall and message association by 7.6x, 2x and 5.3x, respectively.
Rich media experiences proved positive for impact on lower-funnel objectives with positive lift for brand favourability, recommendation likelihood and purchase intent.
Julie Howell, Mobile Director, Carat, says:
julie howell

“These findings provide a clear indication of what many of us in the industry already know – that by integrating rewarded ad experiences into the mobile games that consumers love, brands are able to achieve a significant lift in nearly all important branding metrics. These types of ads are so powerful because they put consumers in control, allowing them to choose which ads to engage with, at which time, in what way, and as a result they help forge a much deeper connection between brands and consumers than brands are able to establish through any other types of ads.”

Tapjoy says its platform integrates an ad campaign with context-relevant in-app moments at a time when consumers are most receptive to engaging with ads. Its model lets consumers earn in-app rewards such as premium content and virtual currency in exchange for engaging with targeted ads. Ultimately, such engagement drives brand sentiment.
Steven Millman, SVP, Research at comScore, adds that due to fast growth within the mobile advertising market, advertisers haven’t yet found the best formula to meet marketing goals.
steven millman

“This study with Tapjoy shows that mobile ads, when integrated into mobile games at contextually relevant moments with the right rewards, can deliver strong branding results that help advertisers meet or exceed their objectives. As more brands prove out the efficacy of their mobile ads campaigns, we should see this segment of the digital ad market realize its full potential.”