Tapjoy announces mediation partnerships to provide improved segmentation and analytical services for app publishers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. February 18, 2016

Ad and app monetisation platform, Tapjoy, today announced a series of partnerships with some of the mobile industry’s leading ad mediation companies, including MoPub, Fyber and AerServ. The move enables Tapjoy app developers to leverage additional mediated ad demand as well as user level segmentation and predictive analytics, pushing for optimal ad pricing as well as fill rates, with a focus on ads being non-distracting to the end-consumers.
Tapjoy partners for additional mediation options
TapJoy's offer wall.
Source: tapjoy.com
Steve Wadsworth, CEO, Tapjoy, says:

“Our goal is to give developers the unique combination of ad-tech and mar-tech tools they need to monetize their consumer audiences intelligently and effectively. Tapjoy’s ad mediation strategy is to provide app developers with the ability to leverage our LTV Infrastructure for serving targeted, engaging and timely ads, regardless of the where the ad demand originates. Further, we are now complimenting these mediation offerings with Tapjoy’s rewarded video and full screen interstitial ad services.”

The new mediation partnerships offer two levels of publisher integration. Platform integration allows app publishers complete access to Tapjoy’s LTV infrastructure to manage contextual marketing messages and ad demand from a variety of third-party ad sources. Platform publisher partners can analyse consumer behaviour in real-time, segment based on past or predicted in-app spend and discover the best ad mix for non-spending consumers. Through integration with the mediator SDK, app developers can serve ad demand from third-party ad networks. In addition, the partnership offers adapter integration which delivers Tapjoy’s rewarded video ad service via its mediation partners’ SDK.
Andrew Gerhart, COO, AerServ, adds:

“As the market for mobile video advertising grows, it is becoming increasingly important for app developers to have the best-in-class tools required to monetize the format effectively. Tapjoy’s platform provides an innovative approach to personalizing the content experience for every app consumer, and we are excited to include AerServ’s best-in-class video ad mediation with Tapjoy’s platform to offer app developers’ a powerful monetization solution.”

Tapjoy clients who have already integrated its latest SDK now get to use mediation partner services for free.