Tapgerine Mobile Traffic Monetization Company in Numbers

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Posted: July 19, 2016

Being at a mobile advertising market for 3+ years, Tapgerine has positioned itself as one of the key players in both mobile advertising and mobile affiliate marketing. There is a number of ways to demonstrate how a company is doing at a market and one of these is via numbers. Let’s look at the key performance metrics that Tapgerine has recently published.
As of today, Tapgerine’s mobile ad platform generates more than 10M clicks a month, which result in more than 6M downloads a year.  These numbers reveal what mobile app traffic volume the company deals with on a regular basis. Of course the real power of any ad network or mobile affiliate network is in number of trusted and reliable partners it has, to date Tapgerine has managed to build healthy relationships with more than 4,000 mobile traffic partners.
Tapgerine key performance metrics

Next up is the company’s traffic sources split percentage. Here we see that the bulk of the company’s traffic comes from in-app banners, native ads and video traffic, it represents 35% of all traffic, RTBS (stands for Real Time Bidding System) / DSPs (stands for Demand Side Platform) contribute collectively 20%. The rest of the 45% is divided between traffic from affiliate networks, developers with non-app products and media buyers and the traffic, which is being generated by Tapgerine own team of media buyers.
Tapgerine traffic sources split percentage

Of course numbers are a great indicator to measure a company’s performance, but at the same time we shouldn’t underestimate the value of a team of employees that stands behind these numbers. The key of a long-term business relationships success and what essentially allows a company to thrive over time are people who work in it and how they communicate with clients and partners on a daily basis. And this is yet another strength that helps Tapgerine to be at its current position at the mobile advertising market.