SYNC launches TV-to-mobile advertising solution

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 27, 2015

SYNC, part of TV software firm Visiware, recently announced the launch of Sync2Ad, a mobile ad solution with serves TV ads to mobile devices. When a TV spot runs, Sync2Ad launches a synchronised ‘rebound’ ad to consumer mobile devices who are multi-screening.
Sync2Ad is a TV-to-mobile ad solution
Sync2Ad initially rolled out in France with media buying agencies including Havas, GroupM and OMD for brands Air France, Canal+, Brother and Renault, among others and mobile publisher partnerships including Lagardère Group, Marie-Claire Group and Mondadori. Sync2Ad will launch in the US in early 2016.
Sync2Ad helps marketers and publishers capitalise on the time that audiences are spending on mobile when watching TV. According to comScore, 36.1% UK smartphone owners used their phone while watching TV. 22% conducted researches directly related to a TV programme and 9% looked up products and services they saw advertised on TV.
Cross-screening UK consumers
A Nielsen study further examined the importance of screens in 2016 and found that mobile phones (98%) and tablets (99%) both scored higher than traditional TV (75%). Likewise, marketers are also shifting their budgets to mobile devices. However, TV advertising still represents an opportunity to reach a larger audience at a single time. Cross-device retargeting efforts combined with specific audience targeting options hence result in optimised reach.

Colas Overkott, CEO of SYNC, says:

colas overkott

“The resulting performance of the Sync2Ad campaigns confirms the power of the solution and thrills advertisers. Sync2Ad enables brands and distributors to really engage consumers on the crucial mobile screens at the best moment.”