Survey finds that rewarded in-app video ads are most effective

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 11, 2016

Unity Technologies, which creates games for 3D and virtual reality experiences, has released the In-Game Advertising the Right Way which examines how video ads drive monetisation and engagement for mobile developers.
The survey is based on the responses of 2,000 mobile game developers gamers. It highlights that 52% of mobile game developers have found video ads to provide the best revenue per user compared to other types of in-app advertising.
Unity Technologies launches in-game ad study
In addition, the research found that 71% of players prefer to view video ads in exchange for game goodies such as free lives or tokens, whilst 54% specifically choose to only view rewarded videos.
80% of players also confirmed that they were open to engage with video ads in exchange for rewards.
Fewer than one in 10 developers noticed a drop in retention when introducing rewarded video ads, whilst 86% noticed some or no increase in in-app purchases through video ads.
Jarkko Rajamaki, Director of Ads, Unity Technologies, says:

“Rewarded video ads are a key monetization and engagement method quickly growing in popularity with today’s mobile game developer community. When properly integrated into gameplay, video ads, especially rewarded video ads, have a positive impact on the player’s experience and can help developers monetize their games and increase player engagement.”