Streamline Your eCPM Optimization Through Ad Mediation

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Posted: October 4, 2016

The most recent estimate is that 90% of time spent on mobile is in-app. Coupled with the immersive nature of the app environment, this presents app developers an unprecedented opportunity to monetize their traffic. To maximize fill rate, or the rate at which ads have been successfully shown to opportunities, developers need to work with multiple ad networks.  That’s where mediation platforms come in.
adcash Mediator SDK scheme

Mediation platforms explained
The concept of mediation platforms is simple. They provide publishers a centralized point of access to multiple ad networks. Publishers send ad requests to their ad networks through the mediation platform. Each ad network is positioned in a “mediation stack” according to its eCPM. eCPM is an estimate of how much a network will pay for 1,000 impressions.
The networks within the stack have the opportunity to fill the request according to their relative position. If an ad network has no demand, the request will go to the next on the list, so on and so forth. Optimization approaches vary slightly with mediation platforms, but the overall mechanics are generally the same.

Benefits of mediation platforms

  • Maximum Fill Rate

No ad network can guarantee a 99% fill rate alone; this is only accomplished by working with multiple networks. A mediation platform makes the process efficient. Mediation platforms ensure maximum fill rate with maximum efficiency 

  • Optimal eCPM

You want to ensure the network with the highest eCPM fills your request. When you employ a mediation platform, it will optimize for eCPM based on historical data. Mediation platforms ensure optimal eCPM.

  • Enhanced User Experience

The greater the app experience, the more traffic you can monetize. The more ad inventory you can access, the more relevant and engaging your ads will be. Mediation platforms encourage a positive eCPM feedback loop   
The higher your engagement rates, the more advertisers will bid more for your spot which will result in higher eCPM rates. This is the sole job of a mediation platform.

Is Adcash in your mediation stack?

Adcash has recently become integrated with AdMob and MoPub mediation platforms. Publishers who work with these platforms can now reap the benefits of our global ad network by including the Adcash network in their mediation stacks. Visit our developer portal today to download our SDK and integrate it with AdMob and MoPub mediation platforms.