StartApp rolls out SODA platform that lets mobile marketers target social users

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 15, 2016

StartApp, the mobile marketing platform, just unveiled SODA – a new solution to help marketers target consumers on social media using insights and data analysis. SODA is a social data platform, which collects, combines and analyses data from various mobile social apps. Data is then filtered to provide marketers with the insight to help identify and target high-value social users.
StartApp launches SODA platform

Ran Avidan, CTO and Co-Founder, StartApp, says:
ran avidan

“For years, the industry has recognized the immense value of user data on mobile social networks. However, no one had developed a technology platform to analyze that data to yield powerful, accurate and actionable insights into users. SODA leverages this massive amount of untapped data to create a comprehensive, human picture of users across multiple social mobile apps.”

SODA analyses data from over 2.4bn mobile social users to generate a parallel network that contains more data than a single social media platform. The network is utilised to complement publishers and their relationship to their users.

SODA Bubbles, an “app within an app” further lets marketers and publishers engage in cross-app actions like sharing videos are sending payments without leaving the original app.
Amit Shafrir, Member of the advisory board, StartApp, adds:
amit shafrir

“StartApp’s SODA platform is an innovation that will fundamentally change how publishers of any size monetize mobile. With SODA, StartApp has opened up new ways for partners to put the human back at the center of the customer experience. Instead of chasing users and hoping that they engage, publishers can now use SODA-backed data insights in a way that inspires deeper engagement.”