StarMobile launches app performance tracking dashboard

Andy Boxall

In App Development

November 23, 2015

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Cloud-based mobile platform StarMobile has announced the availability of StarMobile Dashboard, an app analytics suite made for enterprises to track aspects of app performance. StarMobile’s main product provides company developers with an easy-to-use code-less platform to build cost-effective mobile apps.

The Dashboard works with these apps, and provides the following features:

  • Adoption and Usage: A complete breakdown of how your app is used, activity, retention, and adoption analytics. It includes heat maps showing areas accessed the most, or where problems are encountered.
  • System Performance: Discover performance bottlenecks, monitor transactions, and assess connectivity and performance issues.
  • Reports: Generate reports and graphs based on specific criteria, from a single user to the entire corporation. Using RESTful APIs, these reports can be sent to third-party analytic platforms.

StarMobile has launched its own app analytics Dashboard

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Dan Homrich, StarMobile’s EVP of development and operations, said:


“Whether your mobile users are approving a purchase order or accessing mission-critical data at a point of sale location, they not only expect an intuitive user experience but, they need quick and accurate transaction response times with fast end-to-end performance. StarMobile Dashboard provides the enterprise with a comprehensive suite of analytics for maximum visibility into how its mobile apps are performing and being used, from end user transactions that originate on the mobile endpoint and get fulfilled by backend systems.”

Visit StarMobile’s website here for more details on the StarMobile Dashboard, or here to download a data sheet with more details.