Starbreeze spends $1.65m on ePawn, ready to exploit its VR/AR potential

Andy Boxall

In news, Wearables

July 4, 2016

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Starbreeze, creator of the StarVR headset, has announced the acquisition of ePawn, which refers to itself as a ‘toys-to-life’ company. It creates gaming boards and floor mats that provide room-scale play environments for connected toys, using technology that can be adapted for augmented and virtual reality use, to track an item or person’s position.

Starbreeze has acquired ePawn for $1.65m

Bo Andersson Klint, Starbreeze’s CEO, said:

“With ePawn, we will significantly diversify our virtual reality and toys-to-life offerings, as well as speed up the development of existing internal projects already in the works. The ePawn team has already innovated and productified their technologies and we acquire not only many good ways of applying them, but also a solid portfolio of patents that will benefit Starbreeze for many years to come.”

For the price of $1.65m, Starbreeze has acquired seven registered patents and nine staff at ePawn. Learn more about Starbreeze by visiting its website here, or for a demonstration of ePawn’s technology, take a look at the video above.