Sponsormob Mobile Marketing Tips – Best Practices for Buying Mobile Traffic


Sponsormob Mobile Marketing Tips – Buying traffic: Best Practices

This is a guest post from the guys over at sponsormob sharing their tips on mobile marketing.  You can find their previous post on getting started in mobile affiliate marketing here
In affiliate marketing, it really is all about the traffic. The types of traffic you purchase and send to your offers will affect how well a campaign will convert and ultimately turn a profit. Generally, poor quality traffic (yes, the cheap stuff), doesn’t convert well and will not bring in big profits. In this sense, you get what you pay for.
On the other hand, higher quality traffic tends to convert much better but will cost you more money at the same time. Ideally, you will strive to find a balance between the two, finding traffic that is high quality and converts well but is not so pricey that it leaves you with less than profitable campaigns.
When deciding which traffic to buy and direct to an offer, the first step is to look closely at the offer, making note of any traffic restrictions. Sending the wrong traffic to an offer will cost you money. Something else to keep in mind is that the cheaper traffic sometimes has adult traffic, which is generally not allowed. Many offers restrict adult traffic, so this is something to really pay attention to.
The next step is to look carefully at different ad networks to see where you can purchase your traffic. Affiliate forums are a good place to find out which networks are working well from fellow affiliates. When choosing networks, make sure you look for traffic with good prices and with extensive reporting tools so that you can best optimize campaigns.
Once you have researched which networks have the right type of traffic for the offer (or offers) you have selected, you will need to run test campaigns. Test different traffic sources using various reporting tools to analyze the results and optimize your campaigns. Being able to analyze your results is one of the most important aspects of affiliate marking.
Use these tools to run tests with different operating systems (OS), carriers (making sure that it matches the offer), and bid prices. Then use the tools available to determine which combination of OS and carrier produces the highest converting campaigns that are profitable. In the end, there is some trial and error involved, and you will have to spend some time and money to see what gives you the best results.
When you find campaigns that work well, gradually increase your budget to scale campaigns and adjust as needed. Once you’ve found something that works, stick with it, try to optimize it the best way possible and watch your commissions growing from day to day!
Sponsormob is an international conversion provider for the mobile web. Founded in 2006, Sponsormob helps advertisers and agencies gain reach with highly targeted mobile-ads using data-driven technology. It also offers publishers strategic integration opportunities matched with a variety of attractive mobile campaigns now available. Sponsormob offers affiliates appealing offers amd unique, in-house tracking.