Snaplytics rolls out first tool to monitor competing Snapchat app advertisers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

December 6, 2016

Popular messaging app Snapchat has continued to grow and bolster its marketing offers this year. But as more brands and agencies flock to the platform to reach a wealth of under 35-year-olds, they are beginning to seek out the data to back up the actual performance of the platform.
Snaplytics Monitoring Demo
Now, Snaplytics, the SaaS marketing insight provider for Snapchat advertisers, has rolled out a competitor analysis tool so that brands can research and assess others across Snapchat. Snaplytics says that this should help in making better decisions to schedule their own campaigns.
As of right now, Snaplytics is the only firm that offers a simple solution for brands to view competitor analytics across the app.
Advertisers can just type in a company name and observe the frequency with which the account posts stories and snaps. In addition, the dashboard offers updates on duration data and information on how content is split between videos and images. Most importantly, it also offers an overview of how long and how many people engaged with a post.
The product is part of the company’s analytics solutions suite that includes brand analytics and influencer insights.
Thomas Cilius, Founder and CEO, Snaplytics, explains:
thomas cilius

“Snapchat is a fantastic tool for marketers but because content disappears so fast, it is impossible for brands to monitor 24/7 what is going on with their competition on the platform. By providing this data in an easy-to-read dashboard, brands and agencies gain the marketing insights they need and have time to consider how they want to create their own campaigns based on the best practices from their competitors.”

What makes the analytics suite stand out is its breadth and range of analytical tools. Clients can view open rates, completion rates, monitor screenshots and how many followers a campaign has.
Brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Vodafone and the City of Las Vegas are among Snaplytics’ monthly subscribers.
The service is free for competitive monitoring of one account, after which prices start at $29 per month for 2-5 accounts and go up accordingly.
Snaplytics Monitoring Account