Snapdeal launches Snapdeal Ads advertising platform

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

December 2, 2015

Snapdeal, the online marketplace, has announced plans to launch its own advertising platform to reduce dependency on Google and Facebook. The deal also takes on eCommerce rival Flipkart, which acquired AdiQuity this year in order to grow its ad platform.
Snapdeal lets consumers discover new products and deals
Anand Chandrasekaran, Chief Product Officer, Snapdeal, explains:
anand chandrasekaran

“Snapdeal Ads will strengthen discovery tools on the marketplace, providing multiple touch points for customer-seller engagement. The advertising tools will help our over two lakh strong seller community simplify their business journey and boost overall revenues as more users discover their products.”

Snapdeal Ads will be utilising native ad formats to showcase products across website, mobile site and apps, and help sellers drive discovery of their products. During the second phase of its ad roll-out, the company will add banner ads and other formats.
The in-house ad platform features self-service panels and makes creating and deploying of ads a simple process. Advanced targeting features, impact measures and ROI assessment are available.
Snapdeal ad platform
With over 200,000 sellers using Snapdeal, the company says it has developed its ad platform over the past four months as sellers’ lack of marketing knowledge required an effective solution to help them scale. For example, sellers can promote their products to show at the top of search results for a certain keyword.
Visal Chadha, Senior Vice President-Market Development, Snapdeal, says:
visal chadha

“Engaging with sellers at various points of their business journey, we’ve realized that lack of marketing expertise or investments for elaborate promotions are some of the recurring concerns for their business. Snapdeal Ads platform addresses these through simplified advertisement panel that is integrated into the seller tools they already use today.”

Earlier this year, Snapdeal acquired ad platform Reduce Data to help realise its vision.