Snapchat’s Crowd Surf may be a game changer for event live videos

Snapchat has launched a new feature that lets users stitch together their music clips to produce a more viewable concert performance video. Called “Crowd Surf”, the addition is based on artificial intelligence machine learning technology that analyses when multiple people are recording the brand concert.
The technology then pieces the song together from different angles without disrupting the song.
According to Snapchat, the feature has been tested at a recent performance of singer Lorde in San Francisco and the result is rather astonishing.
It also offers a better look at how other people did experience the concert.
Users will be able to watch Crowd Surf videos in Snapchat’s Featured section.
Naturally, the tool only works well for large performances where multiple users are ready to record the concert.
The addition will begin to roll out slowly across select events, Snapchat confirmed. It won’t be limited to music performance either, but could be used to record speeches and large parties or sporting events.
Depending on how well the tool performance for Snapchat, it’s only a matter of time until Instagram will copy it.
Both companies are committed to increasing their user engagement in order to keep advertisers happy. However, Snap Inc has a lot more at stake given its recent weak earnings results.