Snapchat rumored to build a ‘Stories Everywhere’ feature to increase user base

Andy Boxall

In App Business. December 28, 2017

Snapchat may follow in Twitter’s footsteps and enable its videos to be embedded and viewed outside the Snapchat app, according to a rumor published by Cheddar. The aim is to increase the app’s stalled user growth, and to increase attention.

Apparently named Stories Everywhere, the feature is still being developed, so a launch may not be in the near future. The rumor’s source says the former SVP of video at News Corp, Rahul Chopra, is heading up the effort for Snap Inc.

The idea is for videos and content to be seen on the wider internet, and for the web viewer to include links to download the Snapchat app, and sign up to become a user. Since 2011, Twitter has enabled tweets to be embedded on other sites using specially created links.

In addition to Stories Everywhere, another possible new feature for Snapchat is for its user generated videos to be accessed by other apps. It’s believed this is seen as a further revenue opportunity through licensing deals.