Snapchat rolls out sponsored 3D World Lenses for life-like advertising fun

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

September 29, 2017

Snapchat revealed sponsored 3D World Lenses at the Advertising Week New York yesterday. That means brands and advertisers are now able to use the Snapchat camera to bring their products or campaign characters to life, likened to the dancing hot dog memes which has been popular earlier this year.

According to Snapchat CSO Imran Khan, the addition won’t just be great for engaging for consumers, but also aid in product discovery.
Advertisers will be able to sponsor 3D objects with interactive features by purchasing a “National Lens” from Snapchat. Audience targeting functionalities include age, interest, but also “swipe-up attachment” which has already been implemented across Snap Ads.
Khan also revealed that Snapchat campaigns using Lenses were generally driving a 19.7 point lift in advertising awareness, boosting a 6.4 point lift in brand awareness and a 3.4 point lift in action intent.
Among the first ad partners for 3D World Lenses is Warner Bros. The entertainment company created a 3D Blade Runner ‘Spinner” car.
In addition to the launch, Snapchat hit a milestone this week when it reached 10 million monthly users on Discover in France. That’s roughly 15% of the French population.
According to Snap Inc, its publishers in France including Le Monde and Cosmopolitan are now generating significant revenue from their campaigns across Discover. Ad revenue is shared 50-50 between publishing partners and Snap.
France was among the first European countries to receive Discover. Despite the success, Snapchat added that it is focused on a slow expansion across Europe in order to secure the best publisher partnerships. strong partnerships with publishers before entering other markets.