Snapchat launches World Lenses, Spectacles and Rewind feature for mobile app users

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 14, 2016

It seems that Snapchat has channeled some of Instagram this time, in rolling out its World Lenses for iOS and Android mobile devices.
The new AR feature lets users change their surroundings whilst snapping a shot or selfie. The World Lenses offer a wide variety of effects and add-ons for some fun images and will be rolled out alongside Selfie Lenses.
According to Snapchat they’re decorations for a more fun world around us.
In addition, the company is launching Spectacles, which are essentially sun glasses that let you film and take snaps without your mobile in hand. Snapchat users can then send off their mini-videos and snaps and share them with followers and friends.
Snapchat rolls out Spectacles
The Spectacles launch has been facilitated through vending machines in California where they sold out in no time shortly after launch last week.
In addition, Snapchat is tapping into a well known Instagram Stories feature – rewind. Users can now tap the left of their screen to rewind a single snap. When they swipe to the left they can skip back to the start of a Story.
Whilst the company has been busy bolstering its advertising offers for mobile marketers, Snapchat continues to innovate its user features. Indeed, some of its top Snapchat creators have huge fan bases which consumers keep coming back to. The latest addition to user features make it easier to keep fans and followers informed and entertained. In return, creators also benefit advertisers who may be placing products with them or pay them to review items.
Given its growing competition with Instagram, the company will have to continue to ramp up its product offering.