Snapchat advertisers are now able to use third-party data for improved targeting

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

January 20, 2017


Source Snap Inc

Snap Inc. is pushing ahead with its advertising plans and now allows clients to use third-party data via the Oracle Data Cloud (formerly Datalogix). For marketers, the move adds some powerful data such as offline data from purchases or loyalty card transactions to the mix and enables them to distribute more relevant adverts across the Snapchat app.
The company says that the additional targeting was rolled out over the last few weeks. In addition, marketers will get to measure the campaigns that perform the best.
For Snapchat, it’s the first time to enable third-party data ad targeting, whilst competitors Google and Facebook have long been implementing offline targeting features through partnerships with Oracle.
The way it works is simple: advertisers will be able to choose from 100 demographic profiles which include encrypted user IDs and email addresses. These are then matched to the Snapchat users and advertisers can target a specific user segment.

In September 2016, Snapchat rolled out Snap Audience Match, which enables advertisers to upload lists of consumer email addresses or IDs for better targeting. However, this requires advertisers to own their data in the first place. Third-party data targeting lets anyone reach the right audiences.

For Snap Inc. it’s been a race against time as it prepares for an IPO this year. However, the company has a lot to catch up on before satisfying interested parties and potential shareholders.
Improved advertising targeting is one way to go and despite the app’s long-standing promise over user privacy, additional ads are unlikely to deter the apps userbase. However, Snap Inc. will have to ensure that ad targeting doesn’t become creepy such as advertisers following users with the products they researched.