Snapchat adds Sponsored Geofilters to its API

Snapchat has just made it easier for brands to purchase Sponsored Geofilters. Just in time for travel season to kick off, the ad format allows Snapchat users to pin a geofilter to their photos and videos thereby sharing a brand’s message.
Sponsored Geofilters are now available through the company’s API in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.
That means clients can more easily buy the ads and no longer need to contact Snapchat’s sales team. Snapchat Snap Ads are also available through the company’s API. There’s one restriction to this: national Sponsored Geofilters, which will continue to be available on request through the firm’s sales team.
Geofilters are all about location and are pitched as ways for app users to share their experiences about where they are. For advertisers, the addition of Geofilters to the API offers advantages such as being able to combine them with Snap Ads. This may also provide a good way to boost reengagement campaigns.
In addition, Geofilters are easier to manage when it comes to the creative side of things. Geofilter templates can be more easily customized to meet a consumer’s location. City names may also be simply swapped out.
Overall, the ability to view campaign results of both Snap Ads and Sponsored Geofilters makes for improved analytics and enhanced insights.
It’s inevitable that Snap Inc will make advertising more accessible and easier for smaller companies in the near future as it tries to keep up with the competition and prove its worth.