Snap to roll out Publisher editing tool for speedy creation of mobile video adverts

Snap Inc is making it easier for small businesses and brands to launch ad campaigns across the Snapchat app by rolling out the Snap Publisher, which creates video ads in just two minutes. The new editing tool is set for release towards the end of July.
Marketers can choose from templates or create their own 10-second clips. The company’s recently launched self-serve platform makes the checkout process easier and more transparent for advertisers.
The company also has some news in store for larger advertisers and is set to roll out the Snapchat Certified Partners programme which invites collaborators and third-party agencies to provide training and support to advertisers.
Instagram remains a major concern for Snapchat, as it has copied many of the app’s features and is backed by social media giant Facebook whilst Snap has been more focused on explaining away why its Millennial audience is so unique.
However, more recently the company has stepped up and pushed its advertising arm more aggressively. The company not only doubled the number of its employees to 2,000 over the past 12 months, but continues to roll out new ad products.
Snap once thought it was exclusive enough to only invite large advertisers paying substantial amounts of money to run a campaign on Snapchat. It is now learning that smaller brands and businesses could ultimately be large drivers of the company’s growth.