Snap rolls out Advanced Mode for its self-serve Ad Manager in hopes of boosting mobile ad sales

Following the launch of its self-serve Ad Manager in May, Snap Inc has now added an “Advanced Mode” to the platform, which lets advertisers create and manage more complex advertising campaigns. Marketers will also get to choose from a variety of creative formats.
Snap hopes that the latest additions may motivate brands to spend a bit more cash on campaigns if they are more affectively managed.
The Advanced Mode includes the following features, according to a blog post from Snapchat:

  • Audience Library – Create a list of your favorite Snapchat audiences, so setting up future campaigns is a breeze.
  • Automatic Permutation Testing – With a few clicks, you can create hundreds of permutations of custom audiences and ad creative variants.
  • Bulk Creation & Management – Use one of our spreadsheet templates, or import your own spreadsheet, to quickly create new campaigns, ad sets, and ads at scale.
  • Media Library – A new place to upload videos, images, and other assets to use in your campaigns. You can create multiple ad variants using your library in minutes.
  • Power Reporting – In-table pivoting (of all dimensions) and customized exports provide more control over your analytics.

Some have likened the new Advanced Mode to Facebook’s Power Editor, which would mean that Snap has copied Facebook instead of the other way around.
Further, the company announced that ad agency WPP plans to double its advertising purchases from Snap to $200 million this year.
The latest addition could increase Snap’s ad sales. The company is in desperate need to boost results following a $400 million loss reported last week. Furthermore, it failed to add a considerable number of new users. If it can continue to engage its audiences, Advanced Mode may likely entice larger advertisers to trial their own Snapchat campaigns.