Snap Inc. unveils new Promoted Stories mobile advertising format

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 27, 2017

Snapchat has unveiled Promoted Stories, which lets advertisers add branded Stories alongside organic Stories on the app. If that rings a bell then that is because the new format is a little similar to branded Discover channel campaigns.
Promoted Stories are essentially a mixture between Story and Snap Ad and contain at least three Snaps, but no more than 10.
Advertisers will also get the opportunity to include attachments with their Promoted Stories in order for people to more easily visit a brand’s website or download an app by swiping motion.
Promoted Stories are being placed in a dedicated section which is being labeled “Sponsored”. For full transparency, they are also clearly labelled as an “ad”.
However, Snap Inc. confirmed that Promoted Stories will be restricted to Stories and not appear across the Discover tab.

“Our advertising partners have been asking for ways to tell deeper stories on mobile. Promoted Stories offer marketers access to the same Stories format used by our community, combined with the reach and placement enjoyed by publishers on the app,” Peter Sellis, Director of revenue product at Snapchat, wrote.

HBO is among the first clients to be running a Promoted Story in the US.
Following Snap Inc.’s latest quarter shortcomings, missing analyst expectations, the company is looking to boost its ad revenue by rolling out a range of new features and innovative ad formats. In addition, Snapchat has launched a self-serve advertising platform to make it easier for anyone to advertise, and ultimately compete more effectively with Facebook and Co.
Though pricing of Promoted Stories was not disclosed, they may represent a good balance to Snap Ads and align more closely with Sponsored Lenses and Sponsored Filters, which are still being handled by the company’s sales team.
If the new format is successful, it could potentially be used to bundle several Snap Ads as part of a re-targeting campaign after running Snap Ads.