Smart Apps for Building Smart Homes

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Posted: March 21, 2016


Gartner’s recent studies reveal that the average number of smart devices connected to homes every day across the globe is around 5.5 Million, and this number is augmenting each minute. The dream of a ‘smart home’ is turning into reality for many, and all thanks to – Mobile Apps connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Today, millions of businesses and enterprises are now willing to enter people’s smart homes so as to provide luxury, convenience and ultimately keep them connected with their business. Few among these residential applications have already been launched and are operated via smartphones, wearables and smart watches. There’s been a veritable explosion of these IoT gadgets designed to monitor everything and anything in homes both when residents are inside and away from home.

What better can you imagine than technology (your mobile phone) monitoring your sleep and helping you sleep better?

With everyday essentials and comforts reaching to smartphones, from buying a gift for your loved ones to locating an address no matter how far you are from the destination to tracking your fitness, the control of smart gadgets will make living easier and dapper.

Gartner’s Research Vice President, Bettina Tratz-Ryan mentioned, “Smart commercial buildings will be the highest user of Internet of Things (IoT) until 2017, after which smart homes will take the lead with over 1 billion connected things in 2018.”

Below is the table with expected figures in the rise of smart devices, in the years to come.

Table 1. Connected Things Installed Base Within Smart Cities (in Millions)


Source: Gartner (December 2015)

Some IoT connected mobile apps and services also look out and regulate temperature outside and within the homes, monitor noise, switch on/off bulbs and save electricity and many others.

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Clearly, IoT deployment will continue to grow at a rapid pace in commercial properties and residential buildings. In this category, the consumer applications that are contributing to the burgeoning growth of device connectivity include smart TVs, smart lighting system, home automation with smart thermostats, strong security, smart home sensors and home appliances.

Scroll through to know about few latest smart home apps that will build sci-fi homes and intelligent living to alleviate users from several household worries and perform 70% of the tasks through automated devices and mobile apps.

 Smart Locks for your home

Like we operate our cars remotely (unlocking the doors and starting the car, without inserting the key in car’s lock), we now have smart locks for our homes. Connected to a smartphone app or phone’s Bluetooth, you can program home locking system, and lock and unlock the doors and windows of your home from any distance. No burden of carrying the keys and no jitters of leaving the keys here and there. With a smart lock app, you can also give your home access to your guests when you are away.

The house cleans itself

IoT connectivity has brought excellent convenience to the real world such that we no longer have to invest our time in cleaning our houses. Samsung’s POWERbot Turbo Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has a smart Wi-Fi connectivity that allows users to control its cleaning movements remotely through a smartphone app. The vacuum cleaner feature, ‘Select & Go’ creates and feeds a virtual map covering the entire home and allows users to pick specific areas and rooms for cleaning, on priority.

Intelligent Wardrobes

LG introduces smart and brilliant wardrobes that can hold our garments on hangers (five at a time) and cares to crease and press them while we instruct through the connected app. The wardrobe also sanitizes the clothing and removes bad odors, if any. It also has the feature of sending push notifications on smarthphones, displaying all the required details and information regarding its current operations.

Why not be the first one to develop Mobile Apps for such smart home devices?

To boost your business and conversions, you can also hire a mobile app development agency for developing a single, advanced app that can control the lighting system, remotely lock your home doors and control the home security system all through one app. Whatever idea you monetize, just remember that this IoT connected app revolution is going to get bigger and smarter.

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