Sizmek promises full transparency of its mobile advertising

As mobile advertisers continue to allocate their advertising budgets more carefully, Sizmek, the ad technology firm, has promised to offer total transparency over the cost of its ads.

The move is inspired to provide clients of the platform with added visibility and control over their media purchases.

By addressing common frustrations such as hidden costs, the company is hoping to set new industry standards.

Indeed, transparency is a top consideration for a majority of advertisers when considering a change of ad tech provider, according to a survey by Iotec Global. Among the top three transparency concerns for marketers are fraud, viewability and targeting.

And there have been plenty of advertising issues over the past year that marketers have become concerned about. Facebook last year admitted that a Russian group had spent $100,000 in ads to influence the US presidential election. At the same time, YouTube had been widely criticized for featuring offensive and extremist ads on some videos.

“The industry has spoken and Sizmek has listened and reacted,” explained Mark Grether, CEO of Sizmek. “Agencies and advertisers are demanding greater visibility and control. They want their partners to move away from black box practices which hide true campaign costs and weaken confidence that media investments impact results.”

“There’s no question that agencies and advertisers value AI-driven insights, but they want full visibility in the process. That’s why we’ve decided to lead the industry with AI-powered recommendations for traders and AI-powered optimisation across the entire media plan offered with full transparency.”