Sizmek partners with BrightLine to roll out interactive video experiences for mobile and other screens

Sizmek, the mobile and digital advertising company, has just announced a partnership with TV advertising company BrightLine, to power engaging and interactive video experiences across a variety of screens, including mobile, desktop, tablet and OTT.
Mark Grether, Executive Chairman at Sizmek, explains that media agencies but also publishers can now reach their intended audiences via a wide variety of screens.

“Brands would have had to design creatives for each different type of screen, and work with each Connected TV provider to execute – a costly and time-consuming effort. Together with BrightLine, we make interactive TV ads more widely accessible for marketers.”

The two companies plan to roll out an omni-screen platform solution for marketers to share their interactive TV ads by combining BrightLine’s OTT ad solution with Sizmek’s HTML5 VPAID technology. The solution should enable marketers to replicate their video experiences from desktop across all screens, whilst publishers can bundle omni-screen video features with their media sell.
A recent Diffusion Group study found that OTT is among the fastest growing sources for digital video, with 74% if households now having an Internet-connect TV. This means there is some serious potential for marketers to open up new interactive experiences.
Indeed, ads on OTT platforms deliver higher rates of engagement compared to traditional TV ads including increased purchase intent, brand recall and likeliness to recommend.
Jacqueline Corbelli, Co-founder and CEO of BrightLine, adds:

“Under pressure to find efficiencies, agencies will sometimes settle for a sub-optimal, one-size-fits-all experience to simplify work flow. Together with Sizmek, we now offer agencies and publishers a best of both worlds solution – world class, truly screen-optimized experiences for connected TV and mobile/desktop, integrated into a single workflow.”