SITO Mobile launches mobile video advertising upgrade

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 29, 2016


SITO Mobile, the mobile engagement platform, has just rolled out an upgrade to its ad services and expanded its location mobile ad targeting and real-time verified walk-in products with the addition of video ad formats.

SITO Mobile launches video ad formats



The new video capabilities have been launched to let clients access video targeting and offer visibility for their mobile video campaign effectiveness in real-time.

SITO’s mobile targeting and measurement tools are a bonus for mobile video campaigns as they allow for more detailed video metrics. Whilst traditional measurement looks at video viewing time and engagement, SITO’s Real-time VWI also measures client walk-in rate linked to exposure.

Ultimately, that means video ad campaigns on mobile devices can be optimised according to which videos are driving the most store visits.

Jerry Hug, CEO, SITO Mobile, explains:

jerry hug

“Combining hyper-local video targeting with our successful Real-time VWI product is another big step for SITO Mobile as we continually enhance our best-in-class location-based mobile advertising products. Real-time VWI gives SITO Mobile’s advertising clients unparalleled transparency into campaign performance along with immediate and actionable reporting – enabling them to make more timely and better decisions on campaign optimization – and now, on this foundation, they can target consumers with the power of highly engaging video ad formats.   As we broaden the awareness and usage of SITO Mobile’s Real-time VWI technology and service offerings, we look forward to bringing constant improvement to our clients’ campaign performance and effectiveness.”

With mobile video expected to exceed $5bn in ad spend in 2017, the move appears to be a smart addition from SITO. Indeed, mobile video has been proven to provide better audience engagement and measurability, the company adds. Precise attribution and measurement for such campaigns will become invaluable for advertisers to work out the ROI for mobile video campaigns.
Adam Meshekow, EVP of Strategy and Sales, SITO adds that the solution moves beyond standard targeting criteria. He says:
adam meshekow

“SITO Mobile can now target potential customers with mobile video based on relevant geography/location, verify that the video ad was delivered and viewed – and most importantly – show when the video ad drove foot traffic into stores.  By upgrading to SITO’s Real-time VWI solution, mobile video advertisers receive much better and more timely visibility into their video campaign effectiveness, and ultimately, gain much more confidence in the effectiveness of their spending on premium video ads.”