Sis Timberg from Avazu Talks Mobile Advertising

Sis Timberg, Head of Publishers, Avazu was interviewed at the App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014 by Peggy Anne Salz of MobileGroove. We are now able to share video and audio recordings as well as a transcript – thanks to Sis for the interesting insights.

Sis Timberg from Avazu Talks Mobile Advertising Video

Sis Timberg From Avazu Talks Mobile Advertising Audio

Sis Timberg from Avazu Talks Mobile Advertising Transcript

Sis Timberg, Head of Publishers, Avazu Europe interviewed by Peggy at App Promotion Summit Berlin 2014.
Hello, I am Peggy Anne Salz at App Promotion Summit in Berlin. I’m talking to Sis Timberg from Avazu, a very interesting mobile advertising company. Sis, tell me about your company.
Hi, first of all, good being here. Avazu is a powerhouse located in Shanghai, China, focusing on digital cross-platform mobile advertising.
Recently, it’s 2014, we’re focused on expanding into Europe with the first office in Amsterdam. Recently, since August 2014, we opened the Berlin branch. So it’s all very new and exciting, and we’re very looking forward to having local advertisers and publishers.
I mean I love that. That’s what I thought, powerhouse. You don’t just say you’re a company. You’re a powerhouse.
We are indeed a powerhouse.
So what are you doing? Because you’re definitely not a latecomer in that sense. You’re just gaining traction. You’re up and beyond. Tell me about your USP. What’re you going to do to make up for the mileage here?
Sure. First of all, Avazu is a technology house. That’s the main core of the company. We have our own technology for tracking, for optimization. We have our own platform. We have our own DSP recently launched. We are really focused on having our own solutions, especially because we are actually quite veterans in the business and we know what we need and we know what we would like to improve. So everything is done by ourselves, and I think it shows by the results and the growth rate that we are seeing.
What are you getting at about Promotion Summit? Is it more to understand the market, understand your competitors, or just get some tips about how to build that powerhouse across Europe?
We are here definitely to make a statement that Avazu is here in Berlin. We have, first of all, a beautiful office in Berlin Mitte, the Hackescher Hoefe, and we want to make waves. We want to make a sign to say, “Hello” to all the app developers that are in Berlin or in Germany and the surrounding. We want to say, “We are here to help you get your users.”
Any particular verticals there? Because we heard today also that the games are still very strong. They didn’t say that they aren’t, but it’s a different dynamic out there where we have a lot of other apps, a lot of other verticals who are very interesting to monetize.
First of all, gaming is still a very strong vertical also for Avazu, especially coming from China. I think it’s very interesting because we have so good connection to the Chinese market, Chinese advertisers. They still release about 20 games a year, and then they see which one survives, and then just drop the other 19. We are very focused on gaming as I said, but of course utility apps, music apps, entertainment, travelling, e-commerce, shopping, news aggregators, everything that helps a user having a bit more fun with his smart phone.
What are the key takeaways so far from the App Promotion Summit, what you’re hearing and some of the trends maybe that you heard today as well?
Very interesting trends about Android versus iOS market share in the world. We are definitely seeing more Android users and apps. Also as you said, gaming is getting a little bit in trouble it seems.
Well, it’s going to be very interesting also in the emerging markets, so they’re going to need other types of apps. What are you offering? I mean, we talked you have your own solution, but can we just dig down for one second and talk about does that mean that it’s something that app developers who’ve been using other solutions can – it could be complimentary or do they have to rip it all out and start again with other STKs? Can you tell me about that?
No, we definitely support third party tracking solutions, etc. We know the industry and you cannot go so if you want to go big and to get the volumes.
Last question, because we’re looking at it, 2015 right in the face. What are your thoughts about the challenges ahead or the opportunities?
Branding, DSP, problematic buying – that’s our main trend that we recognized and we invested a lot in to have our own product again. We definitely see 2015 as the year of branding. Because so far, I think brands didn’t feel so safe. They didn’t really dive into mobile marketing, probably wrong placements. They got burned or something. But 2015 is definitely going to be also our focus.
Well, you heard it here. I mean it is the presentation, right? Mobile is eating the world. Thank you, Sis.
Thank you, Peggy.
Peggy: And thank you.