Shorter mobile adverts can be surprisingly successful for brand lift

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

January 11, 2017

Short, creative mobile adverts can drive significant brand lift. That’s according to new research from Facebook.
Indeed, ads as short as one second are being recalled by consumers. The Asia Pacific market is now flooded with mobile devices and customers are spending more time using their smartphones compared to TV. However, advertising expenditure in the area is still low compared to the opportunity at just 20% for mobile.
Reynold D’Silva, Head of Strategic Marketing for Brands & E-Commerce APAC at Facebook, and Sachin Sharma, Global Brand Partner at Facebook have recently shared their views in a Warc article  arguing that a focus on shorter and sharper mobile ads can be beneficial.
It’s no longer about the length of views, but instead even a quick glimpse at an ad can lead to successful recall.
This could be a boon for brands and marketers who have traditionally focused on viewing metrics in terms of ad completion. D’Silva writes:
reynold d'silva

“People are spending more and more time on mobile, and even though the time is divided into a number of short individual sessions scrolling rapidly through content, people are fully immersed and are able to take in information and make decisions much faster.”

When it comes to social newsfeed mobile ads, there are some areas that advertisers can focus on when creating their campaigns. For one, auto-play can ensure that customers catch a glimpse of an ad before they turn away. In that sense, brands need to be established early. Creative content should be configured for the small screen and key messages delivered as fast as possible.