Shirley Lin, VP Global Business Development, YeahMobi on Boosting App User Growth

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Partner Post - YeahMobi

Posted: October 23, 2014

YeahMobi is a mobile advertising network and user acquisition platform. Shirley Lin is the VP, Global Business Development at YeahMobi – a division of NDP Media. Based in San Francisco, she is responsible for international marketing and setting up branch offices including US, Europe and Latin America.
In this article Shirley provides app marketers and developers with some useful tips to help them boost their app user growth.

Boosting App User Growth

If you are selling a product or service and running a marketing campaign, then your most pressing question is ‘how do I get more quality customers’? Digital marketing is offeri​ng more and more solutions to businesses seeking growth, but what are the best for your business? There are a few key ideas that should help you navigate the sometimes rocky and always evolving commercial landscape.

1. Get sexy with ad tech! 

Ad Tech is getting sexy. There is lots of tech to choose from that can give you excellent feedback on your campaigns. More and more marketing platforms are utilizing real-time bidding (RTB) technology to get to know their users and provide more accurate targeting. Tracking tools help advertisers assess KPIs, and adapt campaigns to optimize return on investment (ROI). YeahMobi‘s tracking tools have helped a host of advertisers and developers improve their marketing campaigns, reacting and optimizing in real-time. There is lots of exciting technology available to maximize campaign performance.

2. Own your users

Find users, build a connection and keep them. Technology is capable of offering lots of solutions for getting new customers for your apps. Behavioural modeling solutions used in RTB can help advertisers target new users. Tracking technology can help advertisers re-target and re-engage lapsed users. But human experience and judgement are also crucial aspects for maintaining the connection between advertiser and user. Being able to assess specific cultural needs and adapt to trends in local markets can give advertisers the edge in boosting user life-time value (LTV). Localization is an important part of developing campaigns that respond to specific needs and strengthen bonds.

3. Read your Reports

It is important for advertisers to use the right KPIs to help optimize campaigns. How many clicks are you getting (and paying for)? How many downloads, installs and activations? What are the results in different areas? Knowing how your campaigns are doing will help you develop them to get an ever-improving ROI. You can start off with smaller campaigns, and test them before going on to making bigger advertising investments. It’s important to invest wisely; invest in the right campaigns and traffic sources that fit your needs and give you the best ROI.

4. Get Personal – Target Devices Accurately

Tailor your ads to suit users’ needs. Device targeting technology is making it possible to tailor marketing campaigns in new ways. RTB is also offering huge potential for optimizing ad placements, and providing advertisers with better pricing models and more relevant placements in their campaigns. These tech developments in mobile marketing can make it possible to contact customers at the right time, right place and through the right medium. If your customers use iPhones, contact them via iOS. If you use Android and you get adverts for apps that are only available on iOS, not only is it annoying, you’re also not going to buy into those ads. And neither are your customers. It’s important to make your ads appropriate.

5. Multi-Task by Multi-Platforming

Multi-platform marketing means gearing campaigns to work on several media platforms, such as TV, web, mobile and even billboards all at once. Customers use a variety of mediums throughout their day, so as an advertiser it is wise to be present on all of them. Although mobile is growing, traditional marketing like TV is still a huge medium for ads and is doing a come-back for gaming advertising in particular, so why not use both? The Chinese social media app Momo has a TV ad plastered across Chinese stations, and Chinese games advertisements have been seen on billboards in New York. Having a presence on more than one platform can help you cement your product in the minds of your customers and users.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution to boosting user acquisition. Solutions have to be tailored to the specific circumstances of an advertiser’s campaign depending on the campaign goals. These ideas hope to show a few tricks that have helped many advertisers get more users. But traits such as flexibility, experience and precision will help too, and combined with new marketing avenues, the future looks bright for advertisers and customers.
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