Shelly Increases Facebook App Installs by 230% with Appness

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Partner Post - Appness –CPA-based marketplace for Facebook Mobile Advertising

Posted: August 16, 2017

“The future belongs to platforms like Appness. Within a month, the platform helped us to increase the volume of Facebook app installs by 230% and reduce our CPI by half. We used to spend lots of time on communication, approval, revision, and other time-consuming tasks. With Appness, we were able to automate the media buying process, completely changing our views on a CPI partnership.”

— Oleg Haustov, Chief Marketing Officer at Shelly.

The Company Overview

Shelly is the largest online manicure and pedicure delivery service. The company’s services are top-notch, time-saving and are available at homes, hotels, and in corporate offices. Shelly guarantees a professional approach, quality and safety: all technicians have at least two years of experience, passed certification training, and provide exemplary services to thousands of employees and clients alike.

The Business Challenge

The company advertised its iOS app primarily on Facebook, using a cost-per-install (CPI) payment model. However, its partners could not provide the desired volume and quality of traffic, and above all, the process was very time-consuming.
“We tried to work with multiple partners who used a cost-per-install payment model, but they couldn’t provide us with the right volume of high-quality traffic that we needed,” said Oleg. “What’s more, we had to spend lots of time on approval and revision procedures and small tasks. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that this workflow is inefficient and costly.”

The Appness Solution

When the company owners realized that they needed to change their advertising strategy, one of their partners recommended to try out Appness, a new media buying platform for Facebook mobile advertising.

As Oleg explained, “the advantage of Appness is user-friendliness. You just need sign up on the platform, create an offer and then define the offer conditions (e.g., a fixed CPI) and creatives guidelines. And that’s it! The platform takes care of all other processes, including banner installation, aggregated statistics extraction, optimization and working with creatives, just to name a few. With other partners we had to do that ourselves. With Appness, the only thing we need to do is to monitor the effectiveness of the campaigns and banners. On occasion, we also moderate content and test various CPI bidding options.”

Shelly decided to test the platform before full-scale cooperation with Appness. After Shelly started working with Appness, the company owners changed their views on the entire media buying process. In as little as a month, the platform helped the team improve their ad performance and reduce the CPI by half. Qlean and Shelly succeeded in automating the process of mobile traffic buying, delegating all time-consuming tasks to Appness.

Based on our previous experience with other partners, we wanted to test the platform first. However, in just two weeks Appness helped us earn 30% of our targeted mobile traffic,” said Oleg. “To support this positive trend, we tested multiple creatives and involved our in-house design team to add a few creatives of our own. After A/B testing we chose banner ads with the highest conversion rate, which allowed us to increase our volume of purchases by over 70% in one month, maintaining the same cost-per-install,” added Oleg.
“Expenses for providing mobile traffic, support and approval processes constitute 40% of media buying. Appness significantly changed our views on a CPI partnership. We finally found a platform that enabled us to automate the process of mobile traffic buying,” said Oleg. “I believe that within a few months Appness and our company will be able to exchange just a couple of emails twice a month. I have no doubt that the future belongs to platforms like Appness.”

The Results

Appness helped Shelly to increase the volume of Facebook app installs by as much as 230%.
“We tripled the volume of app installs on Facebook in just one month,” said Oleg, “Along with this, we reduced the cost per install by half during the same period.”

The company delegated the whole media buying process to Appness, including banner installation, aggregated statistics extraction, optimization, working with creatives and other tasks that were previously performed by the in-house team. With the platform, Shelly automated the process of mobile traffic buying, avoiding the need for manual work.

“We used to spend about 2–3 hours on communication, moderation, approval and other tasks. Now it takes only 30–40 minutes to complete all these processes,” explained Oleg. “Appness allowed us to almost completely automate mobile traffic buying, eliminating 80% of various time-consuming processes.”