Epom Self-Serve Ad Platform: How to Launch an Ad Campaign in 3 Steps

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Posted: July 31, 2017

Buying online traffic has never been easier! Epom Market has developed the most convenient platform for advertisers, which you can test-drive for free.
Now you can create your self-serve account and launch desktop & mobile campaigns within minutes. The registration is free with no mark-up. Set up and track ad campaigns across devices and channels, optimize them in real time and choose only the best-performing creatives and traffic sources.

5 Reasons Why You Should Try It Now

  • Complete autonomy: you get full control over your campaigns;
  • Easy campaign setup: only necessary tools & no distractions;
  • Quick campaign launch: start your campaign in 2 minutes and in just a few clicks;
  • Real-time analytics to make the right business decisions;
  • Fast-growing inventory of 500+ direct publishers.

Here’s what you can expect when you Sign Up to Epom Self-Serve Ad Platform

The first thing you see after you sign up to Self-Serve Ad Platform is the “Dashboard”. Here you can keep track of the most important metrics: Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, eCPM and Ad Spend. You can analyze them from day to day, by week, by month or choose a custom date range. “View More Stats” is an option to get more insights into your performance and improve your ad campaigns.

In the “Campaigns” tab advertisers can manage their active ad campaigns. You can Start/Stop, Edit or Delete your campaign by clicking a respective icon in the “Actions” column.

An intuitive and streamlined campaign builder guides you through the process of target selection, ad placement, scheduling and budgeting in 3 simple steps.
First, choose the ad types you’d like to focus on. For now, you can pick from 3 of the most common ad formats: banner (desktop, mobile, in-app), interstitial (mobile, in-app) and tab-under. We’re already working on adding a new ad types – Native and Video.

Target your campaigns. Aside from the standard targeting options like GEO and OS, you can opt for more precise targeting. In advanced settings you can filter publishers by Category, set up Daily Impressions Capping and select the Time of Day to make sure your ads appear at the right place at the right time.

Choose your CPM price (in USD), and set up your Total Ad Campaign Budget and Daily Budget.
Now it’s time to upload your creative.  Choose the size, target URL and preview your ad before submitting it. After you’ve configured your campaign click on the “Submit for Approval” button and your dedicated account manager will review it within 60 minutes.
You can change your campaign targeting and budget or edit creatives at any time with just a few clicks.
You can check your approval status in the “Campaigns” interface.

To explore your campaign performance in-depth, determine the best-performing traffic sources, campaigns, and creatives go to “Analytics” section. The quality of traffic offered is guaranteed by the leading fraud detection system –  Forensiq. You can easily export the data to PDF and Excel.
Congratulations! Your onboarding to Self-Serve Ad Platform is over. Want to learn more about self-serve account? Visit our website.
If you’ve still got questions feel free to contact your dedicated account manager or anyone else from our friendly team.