Screen6 announces new partnerships to bolster mobile and cross-device data and identity management options

Cross-device identity management firm, Screen6, just recently confirmed partnerships with advertising tech firms ShareThis, Airpush and Kochava Collective that will enable clients to extend private identity graphs beyond their own datasets.
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Founded in 2012, Screen6 does not own or license its own data to augment client graphs. As such, it does not need a cookie-sync with every client and instead works with data passed server-to-server since each cookie pool is de-duplicated first. The technology processes data to provide private identity solutions for licensees worldwide whilst sticking to legal regulations locally as well as self-regulation.
Rob Finora, SVP Data at ShareThis, says:
rob finora

“ShareThis possesses one of the world’s largest online data sets and we’re excited that Screen6 customers will be able to leverage the ShareThis data asset to augment their cross-device graphs.”

Supplemental data exists to fill holes in clients’ own datasets. The Screen 6 Bring-Your-Own-Data strategy and new partnerships let customers leverage in-app data from Kochava Collective and Airpush.
Grant Cohen, VP of the Kochava Collective, says,
grant cohen

“We are thrilled to welcome Screen6 as an integrated partner of the Kochava Collective. When confronting the reality of a stale or saturated audience, they excel in this marketplace thanks to their ability to enrich and extend reach, while ensuring that cohorts remain shielded from the possibility of plagiarisation by competitors.”

In addition, platforms which do not have desktop and mobile inventory can tap the publisher network and cookie pool provided by ShareThis to supplement data. Traditionally, platforms that sync to cross-device vendors operating master graphs and requiring cookie-syncs, feed their data into a vendor’s ecosystem and thus could be offering a competitive advantage to such a vendor.
Keith Petri, Chief Strategy Officer US, Screen6, explains that the service offered is less confusing and convoluted compared to competitors.
keith petri

“We have […] listened to feedback from our clients – who love our privacy compliant solution which allows them to maintain data rights and ownership, but are looking to extend beyond their own identifiers – and incorporate data beyond their ecosystems. With these established partnerships across desktop, mobile web, and in-app our clients can continue to expand their cross-device understanding just as consumers have expanded their usage time across more and more devices.”