Sandra Brett, Sales Director, Propeller Ads on Driving App Installs with Mobile Web Traffic

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Partner Post - Propeller Ads - Thousands of CPA Campaigns

Posted: September 24, 2015

Sandra Brett is the Sales Director at Propeller Ads. We sat down with her to talk about what Propeller Ads do, the types of campaigns they manage and how it compares with other channels like affiliate networks.
What is Propeller Ads and how are you positioned in the market?
PropellerAds has been a noticeable player in the display online ad market for the last four years. Having an exclusive direct inventory of desktop and mobile web (600 million impressions daily WW), we are a great traffic source for almost all kinds of products: software, games, dating, apps, social networks, e-commerce, mobile apps, paid services, gambling, finance services and many others.
How many app installs per day are you driving right now?
Today we do more than 400k installs daily for our clients, both for iOS and Android. We also do many leads and sales for non-app offers like subscriptions and e-commerce types.
You focus on “mobile web traffic” – how does this compare with in-app traffic?
It’s slightly different but is even more effective in some cases. The combination of desktop and mobile features in ad formats is what the user finds desirable. The ads are placed on mobile versions of famous sites, and they appear only in your mobile device browser, never outside it or on the locked screen, which is annoying. Not interrupting the user surfing on the mobile site but showing him the relevant ads help to get a great conversion rate. Being 100% non-incentive, we don’t make anyone install an app or buy a product. That’s why the quality metrics are above average.
What are the opportunities from this type of traffic for the different categories of advertisers?
Today all media buyers know why they buy media and what the targets are, so we are providing win-win cooperation, giving the required performance and getting paid only for the actions: installs, leads, and sales. But CPM mode is also acceptable with its great opportunities for optimization.
What types of ad format do you focus on?
We focus on mobile web ad formats that are very close to in-app ones but customized to mobile browsers: static banners, dialog ads, interstitials, and click-unders.
Do you work with incentivized traffic?
We are 100% non-incentivized which means that our users make the conversion only if they are truly interested in a product. Thus the quality is above average.
How does working with Propeller Ads compare with other channels such as affiliate networks?
When dealing with an affiliate network, you understand that you are also dealing with hundreds of unknown affiliates behind it and or even the affiliate network not knowing where the ads are placed and what creatives are used in promotion. The affiliate network is always a mediator, and the inventory is not consistent due to competition between the networks.
When dealing with us, a direct traffic source, you are always sure which sites the ads appear on, which ad formats are used and what creatives are used in promotion. Having full control over ad serving and sources, we are always 100% transparent and follow all policies.
How are campaigns managed on the Propeller Ads platform right now?
From the very beginning, you can ask a dedicated professional to find the most suitable payment mode, site category, and creative expertise. The manager is here to set up the campaign and help increase the performance of your campaign. The support is 24/7 for your convenience. We are working on a self-service platform for VIP buyers, so look forward to its release.
What mobile devices do you use?
Our main focus now is on smartphones and tablets.
What apps perform well on your traffic?
Along with popular gaming apps from the biggest developers like Zynga and Gameloft, we also see great performance with service mobile apps and utilities: browsers, cleaners, battery boosters, launchers, and anti-viruses. There are so many useful apps nowadays. We also see a lot of potential in mobile e-commerce apps, which are getting bigger every day.
For more on Propeller Ads visit their website here.