RV VAllo, CEO & Founder of Tractas Talks Mobile Advertising

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Posted: April 6, 2017

RV Vallo, CEO & Founder of Tractas (Valluate Media Inc) He started as an Affiliate Marketer himself way back in 2007 and has an extensive experience in a desktop ads promotion through email display and contextual marketing. He’s always been fascinated with online marketing and has made it as a goal to bring the perfect customers to growing businesses through mobile apps and content publishing. Tractas has gained a lot of traction when it grew from $0 to $1M within just 6 months since it started without an investment capital.

What is Tractas and how are you positioned in the market?

Tractas is a global mobile ad agency that works with direct in-app developer and interstitial publishers. As of the moment, Tractas has definitely gotten a traction in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Tractas also has a decent reach in other parts of Europe, Asia, South and North Americans.

What types of clients do you work with?

We work with a wide range of clients from Game, Shopping, Social, Lifestyle and Utility app categories, both indie developers and companies. Because  online advertising industry constantly evolves, we’ve developed a capacity to expand in new verticals in the future.

What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Denmark, China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan are the countries we’re getting huge customers from.

What are your main tips for successful mobile advertising?

Always be honest and transparent. Treat each your client as VIP, as they are the backbone of your company. My suggestion for mobile ad companies growth and development can be summarized with the following phrase “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

What are the biggest challenges for mobile advertising do you see?

Mobile Fraud and the ever-changing world we live in. But thanks to having Key Performance Indicators tracking system in place, our tracking system’s strict Fraud-Detection algorithms, well-trained and success-oriented team, we’ve been very successful on addressing these issues.

What ad formats are the most effective today? Do you see a correlation between specific formats and geo locations?

Our technology is very versatile and covers almost all types of Ad formats. As of the moment, In-App Footer/Header and Video Advertising have been the most successful on United States alone.

What pricing models work the best for publishers? Can you think of the time when CPM model will go away completely?

90% of our campaigns are on Cost-per-Intall (CPI) model, which implies a pixel-tracking system that reports when user opens an app. Our integration with various mediation platforms allowed us to track all purchases and KPI attainments.
There’s still a huge market for CPM especially for a so-called remnant traffic. At this case, each user that’s redirected to the campaign is still a customer, so I don’t think this model will go away completely.

What do you think the big themes for mobile advertising are going to be in 2017?

There’s still a lot more to explore in the Online Advertising industry so I believe the themes are always going to be advances in tracking systems, DSPs, RTBs, mediation, SSPs, performance networks and technology.

What kind of people work with you in the team at Tractas?

We are composed of a very dedicated team who are also fascinated with technology and has made it as a goal to see the company grow day-by-day. We basically just fell in love with the company so we’re always confident on what our future holds.

What mobile devices do you use personally?

Since I’m always fascinated with technology, I make sure that technology doesn’t leave me behind. I do my best to stick to latest and greatest when it comes to new models of mobile devices, such as the Surface Pro, iPhone (i have both iPhone 7 and 7Plus), Samsung Galaxy, iWatch, iPad and even drones!

What are your favourite apps?

Facebook, Slack, Viber, Messenger, Super Mario Run, Twitter, Lazada, Netflix, Paypal, Skype. I’m always on those.

What do you think about the Internet of Things technology? Do you see its value for you personally?

I’m a big fan of innovation. The Internet played a huge role in connecting humans on all parts of the world, it makes our life easier. My motto is to Explore, Enjoy and Live fully. I believe that the current generation, to which I belong, as well as the future generations will definitely benefit from this.